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The dates for the 2018 STEM Academy are July 29th - August 2nd.

The STEM Academy is a five-day program that will introduce incoming freshmen to careers in STEM areas, build connections to other STEM students, faculty, and staff. Our primary goal is to provide students with a foundation as they start their academic career at MCLA, and assist them on their way to earning undergraduate degrees in STEM areas.

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The Academy accepts up to 20 incoming freshmen who are enrolled in a STEM major or have expressed interest in STEM fields. The program is open to all students. Low-income, first-generation college students, women, and racial/ethnic minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

 Program goals include:

  • Enhance college readiness (especially in mathematics)
  • Familiarize students with campus life
  • Gain knowledge on STEM-related careers, and network with local professionals
  • Learn skills to prepare for college success
CNSE clean suit

Bio Lab

lab coats 2016 cohort

Left: a student attempts chemistry in a clean suit at SUNY College of Nanoscale Science & Technology
Right, top: checking blood pressure during Biology lab
Right, bottom: a STEM Academy reunion at the start of spring semester

STEM Academy Video from 2015

Comments from Academy Participants!

"I feel like I'm going into the college year prepared for what is to come, especially in terms of academic rigor and time management. I learned a lot and met so many wonderful people." - Jeff, Class of 2017

"Thank you for such a great experience at STEM. My family and I truly value all the preparation that took place in order for the program to be as successful as it was." - Shelby, Class of 2017

"Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity of attending the STEM Academy. It was awesome!" - Jess, Class of 2017 


For more information:

Please contact Dr. Carolyn Dehner, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Director of the STEM Academy:

telephone: (413) 662-5177