The Upper Housatonic Valley Experience | Summer 2014

In this one week intensive course, educators will earn 3 graduate level credits by learning about various aspects of the Housatonic River Valley.  The course will leverage local resources and expertise to enrich the experience of each participant and equip them to share lessons learned with their students.  


"The most useful course I have taken at the graduate level. This course supplied concepts and examples, demonstrated interaction and cooperation, and then set us free to explore and apply on our own." 

"Thank you so much. The course was very inspiring. I've made a lot of great connections and haven't stopped thinking about lesson-planning since!" 

On the river

What:  The Upper Housatonic River Valley Experience (Course Number: ENVE 651 OR HSTE 651) is designed for Berkshire County and northwestern Connecticut middle/ high school teachers of History, Social Studies, English, Science, Business, and Industrial Technology. 

When: It will be held 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. July 7 - 11, 2014 (with one extended day TBA).

Where: Pittsfield Intermodal Center and various sites within the heritage area. 


  • This three-credit graduate course introduces and integrates various aspects of the heritage of the Upper Housatonic River Valley; the economic and industrial history of the valley, the ecology of the river throughout that history, the symbiotic relationship between that history and ecology, and the social and cultural aspects.

  • Instructors, from MCLA and Berkshire Community College, will assist students in designing projects that will infuse this information into their classrooms while meeting state standards. 

  • Field trips to local cultural, environmental, and business sites and presentations by guest lecturers will be a major portion of the course.

  • Participants will review their current curricula and develop standard-based lessons related to the Upper Housatonic River Valley content that integrate contextual applications and motivational instructional strategies. 

  • Individuals, school-based and/or content-based teams will develop written lesson plans suitable for dissemination. 

Take a look at some of the projects created in 2012

Registration details 

  • Course cost upon registration is $900. 
  • A stipend that covers your cost of registration will be provided to participants who successfully complete the course. 
  • Enrollment is capped at 16 participants, so register early. 
  • Deadline for registration is May 16 - with 3 slots held for Conn. teachers until May 1.

Funding is available from the Upper Housatonic National Heritage Area to support the cost of transportation for follow up student field trips; details available during course.

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For registration assistance, contact Lisa Milanesi, Assistant Registrar at413.662.5216 or