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The Human Condition

Human Condition Image Collage

April 26 – May 19, 2018

Opening reception Thursday April 26, 5pm – 7pm

A collaborative exhibit created, curated and advertised by seniors at MCLA,THE HUMAN CONDITION showcases the work of art students finalizing their undergraduate creative careers. Led by Melanie Mowinski, seniors Molly Gurner, Jackie Smith, Halie Smith, Nicole Stearns and Samantha White each explore current states of condition through analyzing affecting factors. The exhibit brings together sculptural pieces, paintings, drawings, digital media and poetry.

Honoring Communication Through Advocation

Molly Gurner honors the speechlessness experienced by ALS sufferers, while creating a platform to further inform and educate on the disease. 


Jackie Smith develops a collective self-portrait through exploring intimate relationships that have impacted her. Through these paintings, she outlines her personal perspective for viewers.

Who I see, who they know

Hallie Smith counteracts the societal attitudes towards women by creating an encouraging light in which she portrays the inspiring women around her.


Nicole Stearns shares her narrative of what it means to be an American that is both a woman and biracial. Her self-portraits and collages create a layered identity for viewers to experience.


Samantha White displays the mathematical phenomena that occurs in nature and the human figure . Tapping into roots of words and culture, she creates bridges between common gaps of separation.


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