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Photo collage of 7 past performers

About MCLA Presents

MCLA Presents! brings to North Adams and the MCLA campus some of the world's finest performers in music, dance, theatre, and spoken word. 

From large musical festivals held in the school gym and on the grounds, to intimate one-person theatrical events and evenings of poetry held in the college's art galleries downtown, MCLA Presents! shares a unique performance series with the Northern Berkshire community. 

In addition to showcasing world renowned artists, MCLA Presents! is committed to showcasing the talent of its own community as well as the work of MCLA students.

MCLA Presents! is a project of MCLA's  Berkshire Cultural Resource Center

Support MCLA Presents!

Your contribution helps underwrite the cost of this

performance series.

To support world-class arts programming please call 413.662.5193

or visit and indicate your gift is for your MCLA's Berkshire Cultural Resource Center.


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