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Reach Out! For Education

The Berkshire Compact produces Reach Out! For Education, a monthly TV show, with Pittsfield Educational Television. Past episodes are archived below - watch now!
2016Education Pathways, January 21, 2016
 College Financial Aid Application, January 21, 2016
2015History & Overview of the Compact, December 17, 2015
 Early Childhood Impact Council, December 17, 2015
2014  College and Career Readiness and the PARCC Initiative, February 6, 2014
 Next Generation Science Standards, February 6, 2014
 Advanced Manufacturing, January 16, 2014
 Biotechnology, January 16, 2014
2013Early Education, December 5, 2013
 College Financial Aid, October 2013
 College Admissions, October 2013
 Youth Leadership Program, March 2013
 Early Childhood Education, March 2013
 Economic Development:  Education and Training in the Workplace, February 2013
 Advanced Manufacturing, February 2013
 Preparing Students for College & STEM Careers, January 2013
 Graduate & Continuing Education, January 2013
 College Students Discuss College Life, January 2013
 College Students Discuss Applying to College, January 2013
2012Educational Programs Among Arts Organizations in the Berkshires, December 2012
 College Admissions & Financial Aid, November 2012
 Uses of Technology in Education, November 2012
 Passport to College, Sixth Grade College Visits, April 2012
 Wee Read Berkshire County, April 2012
 College and Career Readiness, April 2012
 How to Pay for College, February 2012
 Youth Leadership Program, February 2012
 Financial Literacy, January 2012
 Professional Development, January 2012
2011College Admissions, December 2011
 Marketing the Berkshire Compact, December 2011
 Graduate Education, November 2011
 Internships and service learning, November 2011
 Wee Read Berkshire County, April 2011
 Reid Middle School Science Fair, April 2011
 Region I High School Science and Engineering Fair at MCLA, March 2011
 Workforce Needs Part 2, January 2011
 Workforce Needs Part 1, January 2011
2010Women in STEM careers, December 2010
 The college application process, November 2010
 How to stay involved in your child's middle and high school education, November 2010