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MCLA's Former Strategic Plans

Moving Forward, Building on Excellence: 2013

MCLA's Strategic Plan offers tremendous opportunities to keep moving MCLA forward.

The strategic plan provides a framework for the accomplishments, achievements, and progress realized through the work of the College faculty and staff, alumni, community members, and other stakeholders.

Through the planning process every division annually develops, implements, and evolves action plans to support MCLA's strategic goals:

  • Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Engage students through a dynamic and transformative liberal arts education that encourages excellence, innovation, and student success in co-curricular programs.
  • Supportive and Inclusive Community: Embrace and sustain the diverse communities that support MCLA's educational, cultural, and social environment.
  • Responsive and Intentional Stewardship: Secure MCLA's future through the innovative, strategic, and informed development of our human, ecological, and financial resources.
  • Public Purpose and Engagement: Promote and ensure access to MCLA's programs and resources and prepare students for personal and professional success over a lifetime of learning and citizenship.

Plan's goals and strategies

A Vision of Excellence: 2004 - 2010

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MCLA's strategic plan has guided significant progress across all areas of the MCLA community over the past five years. Through the planning process every division has developed, implemented, and evolved action plans to foster academic excellence, increase enrollment and retention, strengthen student life, and strengthen the College's financial position.

At the May 2010 retreat we had the opportunity to have a conversation with Massachusetts Commissioner of Higher Education Richard Freeland about all the good work taking place at MCLA, as well as important state initiatives that will influence public higher education in Massachusetts in the coming years. We also reflected on the many accomplishments realized during through our first five year planning cycle, and heard updates on the student focused initiatives that are moving forward in the areas of the Center for Student Success, the Undergraduate Research Conference, and the E-Portfolio.

As we focus ongoing strategic planning work on the goal of advancing the institution over the course of the next five year planning cycle, we will continue to implement and evolve action plans while positioning MCLA for work we must do in preparation for our next NEASC accreditation, which will take place in 2013.

Strategic Planning Accomplishments

MCLA's Strategic Planning Archive 

2015-2016 Action Planning

Department Action Plan Template

2015 MCLA Strategic Planning Retreat

May 20, 2015

2014 MCLA Strategic Planning Retreat

May 21, 2014


2013-2014 Action Planning


2013 MCLA Strategic Planning Retreat

May 22, 2013


2012 MCLA Strategic Planning Retreat

May 23, 2012


2011 Strategic Planning Task Force (SPTF) documents

January 24 SPTF kickoff meeting

February 10 Community Meeting notes

February 10 Community Meeting summary of table discussions

February 11 SPTF meeting notes

Strategic Planning campus input session notes

March 25 SPTF meeting notes

April 8 SPTF meeting notes 

May 3 SPTF meeting notes

May 25 Strategic Planning Retreat draft framework

May 25 Strategic Planning Retreat notes on draft framework

September 21 framework as discussed at SPTF meeting

(This version of the framework encompasses the work on the plan undertaken over the summer by Cabinet.)

October 26 plan draft as presented at open campus meeting

Plan as approved by Board of Trustees