Dec. 6, 2017
NORTH ADAMS, MASS. — Beginning in January 2018, the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) Department of Computer Science will offer a new concentration in electrical engineering.
According to Dr. Mike Dalton, chair of MCLA’s Computer Science Department, the College is dedicated to supporting the needs of the Commonwealth and the country, including programs in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields. Students in the electrical engineering program will help to fill the STEM pipeline in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, and beyond.
As the next generation of laptops, iPads, network devices, televisions – and much more – are designed, “the job opportunities are limitless,” he said.
Dalton – who holds a Ph.D in electrical engineering – said that MCLA looked to its strengths in making the decision to add the new concentration.
“We have some impressive STEM programs that are the perfect support for this new concentration,” Dalton continued, “Given our programs in computer science, physics, math, chemistry, and biology, we also already offer most of the courses required for an electrical engineering program.
“This new program,” he explained, “will include coverage of Electrical Circuit Design, Advanced Circuit Design, Electronic Fabrication, Control Systems, Communications, and Computer Organization.  Electrical engineers design the hardware that turns science fiction into reality.  In addition, they create – literally – every piece of technology that we depend upon; from smart phones to super computers, from toaster ovens to DVD players, from robots to space shuttles.”
According to Monica Joslin, dean of academic affairs, “Computer science graduates are in demand, and MCLA's liberal arts education – combined with career preparation such as the electrical engineering program – will meet demands of the work force in Berkshire County, and beyond.”
Students who opt to concentrate in electrical engineering with MCLA’s Department of Computer Science will have a big advantage over others who seek work in that field, Joslin said: “Employers look for graduates who are well rounded, such as those with a liberal arts education, which includes having strong written and oral communication skills.”
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