Nov. 27, 2017
NORTH ADAMS, MASS. — Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) will welcome more than 200 third grade students on Tuesday, Nov. 28, and Wednesday, Nov. 29, to campus so they might experience what it’s like to attend college. The visit is part of the ongoing “Third Grade Goes to College” program, in collaboration with the Berkshire Compact for Education.

The students – from North Adams’ Brayton, Sullivan and Greylock Elementary schools, , Hoosac Valley Elementary School in Adams, as well as Clarksburg Elementary School – will experience hands-on workshops conducted by MCLA faculty, staff and students. 

Activities will include an interactive experience with in the biology lab, a presentation in the Star Lab, as well as other opportunities to explore college academics. In addition, the third grade students will take part in an athletic training session, and meet with MCLA students to learn about college life.

MCLA, in partnership with the Berkshire Compact for Education, introduced the first Third Grade Goes to College program in 2007, when 35 third grade students from Greylock Elementary School visited the College. The program since has expanded to include up to five schools each year. The purpose of the visit is to provide access and build aspirations for the students to consider college in their future. The program aims inspire and motivate students to stay in school, and to encourage them to work hard so that they might one day experience college for themselves.

Prior to the campus visit, MCLA staff and students will visit each school classroom to introduce the third graders to the program, and prepare them to go to college. 

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