Sept. 7, 2017
NORTH ADAMS, MASS. – DownStreet Art (DSA), a program of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts’ (MCLA) Berkshire Cultural Resource Center (BCRC), announces TRUST as the next DownStreet Art (DSA) event on Saturday, Sept. 9, and Sunday, Sept. 10, in downtown North Adams.
These free events are open to all; however, performances will explore issues of gender expression and racism, and may contain non-sexualized partial nudity. Parents should use their judgement to determine appropriateness for their children.
The weekend will feature site-based performance works created for DownStreet Art by Ana Mendez (Miami, Fla.), Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez (Providence, R.I.) and T.L. Ford (Portland, Ore.).  
Curated by BCRC Director Michelle Daly, TRUST is an invitation for both performer and audience to “lean into the discomfort of vulnerability and embrace experiences that are wrought with uncertainty: love, belonging, trust, joy and creativity,” according to Vulnerability Researcher Brene Brown.
Daly said, “Each performer brings their own understanding of vulnerability to their work. They will perform in locations across downtown North Adams, from parks and alleys to buses and park benches – inviting the audience to be present, to lean into any discomfort and to engage in open and caring dialogue around the experience.”
Mendez is a professional dancer and performance artist who was commissioned by the Adrienne Arsht Center through Miami Light Projects’ Here and Now Festival, the de la Cruz Collection, Miami Art Museum, ArtCenter/South Florida, the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami and Bas Fisher Invitational.

Mendez also performed for Dara Freidman, Natasha Tsakos, Octavio Campos, Miami Contemporary Dance Company, Circ X, Miami Theater Center and Rosie Herrera Dance Theater.
For TRUST, Mendez has created a new work, “Hello Americans,” which creates an imagined and rearranged history of time created through sound and movement, heavily inspired by the Sprague Electric Log the publication of the former Sprague Electric. Reservations should be made at for this performance.
Sanchez is a Colombian performance artist, theater-maker and educator whose work has appeared in spaces including the PHI Centre (Montreal), SP Escola de Teatro (Sao Paulo), Zona 30 (Lima), El Bunker (La Paz), Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Queens Museum, Panoply Performance Laboratory (Brooklyn), Silent Barn (Brooklyn), Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics (Brooklyn), Bowery Poetry Club (Manhattan), Teatro Circulo (Manhattan), La MaMa E.T.C. (Manhattan), the Morgan Library & Museum (Manhattan), Jersey City Art & Studio Tour, JC Fridays (Jersey City), The Mills Gallery (Boston), Villa Victoria Center for the Arts (Boston), IMAGO Gallery (Warren, RI), Providence International Arts Festival, PVDFest (Providence), AS220 (Providence), AURORA (Providence), and the Pigeon Hole Gallery (Providence).
He is a resident artist at AS220 in Providence, and a member of the 2012 EMERGENYC cohort at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. Lundberg is the recipient of NEA funding through AS220’s 2017 Community Live Arts Residency and is RISCA’s 2017 Merit Fellow in New Genres.
He creates collaborative collisions between public and performer, inviting immersion and participation by creating spaces that script the way audiences engage. For TRUST he will restage and expanded version of “Safety Pin Removal” along with on-going installation projects “#Colorpoll2017” and “TO THE BONE.”
According to Sanchez, “Safety Pin Removal” is a performance in response to the Post-Brexit, Post-Trump Election gesture of wearing a safety pin to indicate an alliance with immigrants, refugees and other marginalized people. “Safety Pin Removal” experiments with taking the action into public space, as opposed to the theater or the gallery, research how different bodies experience performing the same action for an audience, and examine alliances between the performers themselves.
“TO THE BONE” uses performance and an invitation for audience participation. Sanchez uses the simple act of sanding through layers of paint to position color, identity, and home at the border of Interior and Exterior as a site to contemplate erasure and reclamation under white supremacy.
As an on-going project, #Colorpoll2017 seeks to capture the language and imaginaries that people use to assign names to colors. #ColorPoll2017 allows for an ever-expanding sample size as the project is shared across physical and digital geographies.
Ford is a former professional dancer, now a burlesque and drag performer, with more than 30 years of experience, who now is the movement instructor at The Rose City School of Burlesque and a co-producer with Out(cast) Creations. For TRUST, Ford will perform a new interactive performance art piece that demonstrates the fluidity of gender, “Shifts,” which works to demonstrate the ways in which geography, personal interaction, self-proclaimed identity, and the ways in which we are socially constructed to categorize gender affect a person’s perceived gender.
A full schedule of events can be found online at
DownStreet Art will continue through Thursday, Sept. 28, which will be the final DownStreet Art Thursday for the 2017 season.
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