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 2nd Annual Day of Dialogue

Educating a Diverse Community: Inclusive Teaching & Learning at MCLA

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Day of Dialogue is a campus-wide day of workshops and discussions that focus on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. With classes suspended, we hope to bring the community together to engage with each other and learn from one another.

This year's theme, Educating A Diverse Community: Inclusive Teaching and Learning at MCLA, encourages us as a community to explore the various forms of education that occur on our campus (and beyond) and to think together about innovative forms of education that use our diversity as a strength and resource.  


Benson Tracey Keynote Speaker:Tracey Benson

Tracey Benson is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.  He received his Ed.D in Education Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Masters of School Administration from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He has served as a principal coach, high school principal, middle school vice-principal, district trainer, proficiency specialist, and elementary school teacher.  His research focuses on implementing operational systems of principal growth and development.  Benson built a contemporary approach to supporting principal growth and development for pre-service principals as well as sitting school leaders for the Houston Independent School District. He also prepares school leaders to use data as a means of tackling inequities and structural racism in K-12 education. To this end, he has published case studies specifically for the purpose of uncovering vestiges of structural racism in K-12 school systems.

Benson firmly believes that student achievement, teacher efficacy, and school success is contingent upon high quality, equity-focused school and district leaders. He has committed his career to leading for change, courageously addressing entrenched practices that impede lifetime outcomes of students of color, and coaching leaders towards implementing anti-racist policies and curriculum in K-12 schools.