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QUAC: Math Drop-In Center


New in Fall 2017, MCLA is piloting a Mathematics Help Drop-In Center, a place for students with any questions related to mathematics. Peer tutors will be available in the Center during daytime and evening hours, as shown below, with more than one tutor present, and have the ability to assist with the mathematics portions of problems from any course in any department on campus, as well as the ability to help students studying for the mathematics portions of exams like the MTEL, GRE, and TEAS. The Center is free for the MCLA community to use, and all are welcome to drop in--no appointment necessary!


The Center is located in the Feigenbaum Center for Science and Innovation, Room 101.

Special Hours for Finals Week, Spring 2018

Hours for Spring 2018 finals week are as follows:

  • Monday, 11 am - 1 pm & 4 - 7 pm
  • Tuesday, 11 am - 8 pm (all day!)
  • Wednesday, 11 am - 1 pm and 4 - 7 pm
  • Thursday, 5:30 - 8 pm

There will be pizza available at lunchtime and suppertime on Tuesday.

The drop-in center will not be open on Friday, April 4 or on Monday, April 7.


Alexander Agnitti Headshot

Alexander Agnitti

Alexander Agnitti is a math major from Springfield, MA. He has taken Calculus I-IV, Differential Equations, Set Theory & Math Logic, and some courses in Computer Science. Alexander enjoys reading a variety of prose and poetry, and running or anything that happens outdoors.

Alexander works Mondays and Wednesdays, 11 - 1.

Erika Burgess

Erika Burgess (2020) is a math major from Bennington, Vermont. She has taken Calculus I-III, Graph Theory, Intro to Mechanics, Logic and Critical Reasoning, and Intro to Psychology. She also has a basic understanding of statistics. Erika enjoys spending her free time with friends and family and being Vice President of the Cheer Squad.

Erika works Mondays and Wednesdays, 4 - 7.

Erika Burgess - Headshot
Steve Davila - Headshot

Paul ('Steven') Davila

Paul (Steven) Davila (2019) is a math and chemistry double major with a physics minor from Pittsfield, MA. He has taken Calculus I-IV, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, Real Analysis, Proof I and II, Intro to Mechanics, Intro to Electricity and Magnetism, Intro Chemistry I and II, and Organic Chemistry I. He is a Cross Country runner, Vice President of Chemistry Club, Mathematics Society, and Biology Club as well as Treasurer of Society of Physics Students and various other clubs. In his free time, he enjoys running outside.

Steve works Wednesdays, 4 - 7.

William Fines-Kested

William Fines-Kested (2019) is a double major in math and physics from Greenville, NY. He has taken Calculus I-IV, Proof 1 and 2, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Math Modeling, Operations Research, Graph Theory, and all Intro Physics courses, as well as multiple upper-level physics courses. William enjoys playing board games and participating in academic clubs such as the Society of Physics Students and History Society. William works Tuesdays 5 - 8 and Thursdays, 5:30 - 8.

Samantha Hinds

Samantha Hinds (2020) is a Fine and Performing Arts major from Northampton, MA. She has taken statistics, honors Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry. She enjoys performing and working on various artworks. Samantha works Tuesdays 5 - 8 and Thursdays, 5:30 - 8.

Satchel Lefebvre

Satchel Lefebvre is a senior mathematics major from Bennington, Vermont. He has taken a wide range of math courses including Calculus I-IV, Probability & Statistics, Graph Theory, and Real Analysis. He also has taken General Chemistry I-II, Physics, and Genetics. He enjoys playing music and being president of the Mathematics Society. After he graduates, he hopes to attend medical school.

Satchel works Tuesdays 11-1.

Satchel Lefebvre - Headshot

Taurus Londoño - Headshot

Taurus Londoño

Taurus Londoño (2018) is pursuing his second Bachelor's. A Bio and Math major, he has taken Calculus -IV, Proof I & II, Linear Algebra, and Real Analysis. Last year, he tutored Statistics and Physics, and he's previously tutored at Berkshire Community College. In his spare time, he's a history buff and avid runner.

Taurus works Mondays 4 - 7 and Fridays 2 - 4.

Kyle McMartin

Kyle McMartin is a math and education double major from Cheshire, MA. Kyle has taken Calc I-IV, Proofs I and II, Abstract Algebra, Geometry, and Linear Algebra. He also is pretty familiar with low level physics. Kyle enjoys reading and watching movies in his free time. Kyle works Tuesdays 11 - 1 and Fridays 2 - 4.

Kyle McMartin - photo
Benjamin Michener - Headshot

Benjamin Michener

Ben Michener is a sophomore Computer Science major and Math minor from Mansfield, Massachusetts. Among other courses, he has taken Intro to Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Calculus I, and is currently taking Calculus II. In addition, Ben is also happy to look at any Java, Python, C#, or PicBasic programs for his fellow software developers. In his free time, Ben can be found hiking in the woods around North Adams and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Benjamin works Mondays and Wednesdays 11 - 1.

Phoebe Pelzer

Phoebe Pelzer (2018) is a chemistry and physics major with plans to continue to graduate school in medicinal physics. She has taken classes in chemistry and physics, including electromagnetism and mathematical physics, and all of the courses required for the chemistry major. At this year's URC, she will give two presentations: one about lasers, and one about parametric equations. Throughout her four years on campus, she has formed study groups and attended professors' office hours to understand difficult material. She is thrilled by the additional opportunity that the Drop-In Center provides for students seeking help with math. Phoebe works Tuesdays 5 - 8 and Thursdays, 5:30 - 8.

Ways to Encourage Your Students to Visit

Include This Blurb in your Syllabus

For help with mathematics, please visit MCLA’s Mathematics Help Drop-In Center, located in CSI 101. There you will find trained peer tutors who can help you with all matters related to math, from figuring out where to start, to firming up a shaky background, to practicing concepts and studying for exams. For information such as this semester’s hours of operation, please visit the Math Help Drop-In Center's website at

Invite a Tutor to Visit your Class

Have a friendly math tutor visit your class for a 15-minute presentation on the services the Math Help Drop-In Center offers. To schedule a class visit, please e-mail Liz Hartung at

Use Pre-Tests in your Class

Ungraded pre-tests can often help students decide early whether they will need help with the mathematics that an upcoming course topic entails, and such evaluations can often be given in five minutes, or as take-home assignments. For templates on particular topics, please e-mail Liz Hartung at

Invite Your Class to the Drop-In Center

Beginning a unit where the math is typically the students' biggest stumbling block? Schedule an after-hours help session inside the Drop-In Center! Tutors will meet with you beforehand, and will be on hand to help you help your students. To schedule a session, please email Liz Hartung at

Hand Out Promotional Materials

If you'd like informational bookmarks, brochures and other such items to give to your students, please contact Liz Hartung at