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Course Description

Food is fundamental to human existence; however, our modern understanding and relationship with food is often distant, opaque, and pragmatic. In some cases, the food we rely on for our very survival is out of reach, dangerous, unhealthy, or prohibitively expensive. This course will explore our modern food systems from the local to the international, focusing on how food is produced, transported, distributed, consumed and, ultimately, disposed of as waste. Food does more than keep us alive; it also serves as a marker of social status. Our consumption choices influence health outcomes, including incurrence of disease and longevity of life.
In this course, we will form an understanding of food by calling on expertise in various scientific disciplines. For example, methods of chemistry will help us quantify nutrition and safety. Environmental science will help us understand the ecological sustainability of food production.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to

• Describe various food system models
• Explain the shortcomings of various systems
• Demonstrate an understanding of the roles of various STEM disciplines in analyzing modern food systems

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