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Internship Opportunities

Interested in gaining professional experience? Here is the information you need to find and complete a successful internship experience.

  • Internships for academic credit must be approved through the appropriate academic department. Each department should have a set of guidelines and requirements that you must meet i.e., GPA
  • Evaluate your skills and interests and explore different career fields. You will then have a handle on the types of work settings that will be the best potential internship site for you.
  • A number of internship sites currently exist. Click the View Internships link on the right side of this page to view the Internship Database. It is also possible to create new sites and experiences. Talk to your academic department and CSSE/Career Services to find out more information and for support throughout the process.

Note: MCLA College Policy requires that you be a Junior or Senior (60 or more credits) with a 2.0 (2.5 for Business Majors) GPA in order to be eligible for an internship experience. All internships must be approved by your faculty sponsor, your department chair, and the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Steps For Securing An Internship

Complete the Internship Application by doing the following:
  • Find a Faculty Sponsor willing to oversee the academic portion of your internship experience. Meet with your faculty sponsor to determine hours, credit, time frame, grading, and the required signature.
  • Schedule an interview with the on-site supervisor to determine goals and objectives of the experience, answer questions, identify expectations, total on-site hours, work schedule, and contact information.
  • Return the Internship Application to CSSE/Career Services so that it can be approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs, documented by Career Services, and recorded by the Registrar into your transcript.
  • NOTE:  If your internship credits give you more than 18 credits for the semester you must complete a course overload form and submit it with this application. 
  • If you are not interested in credit for an internship experience, CSSE/Career Services can still support you in finding and applying to an internship that fits what you are looking for.
  • CSSE/Career Services can also help you with an application, resume, or cover letter.

Internship Quick Links 

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Internships of Note

MCLA's Berkshire Hills Internship Program is an intensive semester-long arts management program that unites our   renowned cultural institutions with students interested in arts administration.

The Washington Center
The Washington Center provides diverse, highly motivated interns to thousands of organizations in government, business and the non-profit sector. 

Walt Disney World
The Walt Disney World® Resort is a "learning laboratory" in which students can live, learn and earn in a well-rounded experience.