Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

This sequence of courses supports Health and Human Services or anyone interested in a non-licensure education pathway.

The Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies:  With a focus on Health and Human Services is a degree completion program specifically designed for the adult learner seeking an accelerated, non-traditional pathway.  This program provides students with a broad based interdisciplinary education focusing on individuals who seek a career in a wide variety of professional settings in healthcare, human services, social services, and related fields. Students graduating with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies will demonstrate advanced skills in critical thinking, research, writing, and oral presentation.  Graduates will be able to apply interdisciplinary methods, approaches, and insights to the analysis of a given theme or issue, and to the development of creative solutions to complex problems.

The Interdisciplinary Studies: With a focus on Health and Human Services program is designed for those with work experience and an Associate’s Degree (45 – 75 transfer credits). The program is a cohort model for the adult learner who is managing work and family demands.  In completing this degree, students will be prepared to advance their careers in a wide range of occupations and industries and to proceed to.

Program Flyer

Program Features:

Location:    MCLA-Pittsfield at 66 Allen Street

  • Each class will meet once a week for a 4-hour session (5:00 – 9:00PM)  
    Courses will be 6-7 weeks in duration                  
    Classes will include between-class work and require online learning applications


  • Students will carry one course during each 6-7 week period               
    Upon completion of each period, students will immediately begin the next course                 
    Most semesters, students will carry six credits          
    Students are expected to complete this degree program in just over two years                       


  • Each course (3 credits) at $1,055.00*                
    Approximately every sixteen weeks, students will be billed for 6 credits for a total of  $2,110.00*.                  
    Prior learning credits (up to 30) will be billed at $100 per credit                 
    Students should expect additional text book costs (approximated at $100 per course)

Financial Aid: 
  • Financial aid counseling is available on the MCLA website at                  
    All students taking 9 or more credits will need to verify proof of health insurance

To apply:     Visit             



Barbara Emanuel, Director
Mark Hopkins, Room 203