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Career Development

Career Development at MCLA assists students and alumni in identifying, planning, and implementing career readiness strategies throughout college and any time thereafter.

Please take the time to click our links and read the associated material.  Need information in a flash?  Each hyperlinked document has been reviewed by a career professional to highlight what's most important.  We offer the following and more:

  • Personality and career interest assessments, including MBTI. These assessments are useful in finding out what professional field might be a good fit for you. Find out your Personality Type and Related Careers, today! 
  • Internship exploration and planning for students of ALL majors
  • Resume and cover letter consultations.  Schedule your appointment by emailing Career Development Specialist, Dale Osef, at
  • Tips to start building your network using: LinkedIn! LinkedIn! LinkedIn!
  • A handy Interview Preparation checklist
  • Professional development workshops, resources, and events 

Please Consider the following resources and opportunities:

Internships: Build workplace skills on or off campus and gain real-world experience, related to your academic program and career aspirations.  This will make you more marketable to employers after graduation.

Study Abroad: Enrich your academic experience and expand your view of the world.  You may also build an understanding of a foreign language and culture that you can market to employers.

Resume Writing:  Should your resume be functional, chronological, or a little bit of both?  We can help!

Cover Letters: Cover Letters are both a science and an art. Learn to create a cover letter in a way that best markets your accomplishments, skills, strengths, and knowledge to employers.

Alumni Career Services: If your career is in transition and you need job search assistance, we can help.

Like to read?  Follow this link for parent, student, faculty, and staff resources:

Please direct any other questions to or call 413-662-5332.