Frequently Asked Questions




Are there prerequisites or requirements?   

For most undergraduate courses, no specific requirements apply. Summer courses are open enrollment and anyone can register. However, undergraduate students wanting to apply credits to their academic programs at MCLA or other schools, especially for upper-level credit courses, should check with their adviser. 

Where can I find the courses that are being offered?

Visit the main Summer 2017 page for links to the course catalog and our online registration system.

What are the dates for Summer College?

Courses are offered on many different dates and times, both face-to-face and online. Most courses are held during one of three 6-week sessions:

Session A, May 22 - June 29

Session B, June 19 - July 27

Session C, July 5 - Aug 10

How can I enroll for classes? 

Register Now! 

When is the deadline to enroll?

Summer courses are open for enrollment until the first day of class. However, the online registration and payment system closes three days before the class begins.  After that date, only paper registration forms that are received with payment will be processed.

When is the due date for tuition and fees? 

Students currently enrolled in Spring 2017 courses will be billed starting May 1, 2017, with payment due upon receipt.

All Other Students: Payment is due at time of registration. Once you have finished selecting classes please proceed to the payment process by pressing the 'Pay for Courses' button at the bottom of the page. If payment is not received you will be automatically dropped from your summer classes.

How do I add or withdraw from a course? 

Depending on the duration of the course there are different add/drop policies. Students should contact the Registrar's Office for details about a specific course in question: 413.622.5216.

Is there financial aid available? 

Yes, students should contact Financial Aid directly for more information: 413.662.5219.

Is parking available on campus? 



Who can I contact at MCLA if I have more questions? 

Summer courses are offered by the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education: 413.662.5575.

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