Convocation 2018

Tuesday, September 4, 2018, 12:00 p.m. 

Featured Speaker

Jamal Ahamad '11

Jamal Ahamad

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Jamal Ahamad graduated from MCLA in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and minor in arts management. Since then, he has put his liberal arts education to use by working in a variety of fields. He has done graphic design at Crane Stationery; social media marketing and fundraising within the MCLA Alumni Office; danced across the county (and halfway across the globe) as a hip-hop dance instructor; taught students within an academic setting at BerkshireWorks, BART Charter Public School, and the newly built Taconic High School; and most recently, launched his own videography venture. The college honored Ahamad with its Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017.

A talented member of the Berkshire community, Ahamad has never lost sight of the fact that he is committed to being a lifelong learner and has made it a point to re-enroll at MCLA to pursue his Masters of Education. With his attention set ahead of him, Ahamad is dedicated to helping make Berkshire County more accessible to more people by sharing his own passions. With that said, Ahamad takes great pride and joy in being able to serve wherever he can.

Convocation - Join our Traditions

Convocation symbolizes the official beginning of your academic career at the college and your acceptance into our community of learners. It is a time when we gather together to welcome new students into our community, and instill the value of your education and the significance of being part of a community of learners, where knowledge and scholarship are valued.

As part of Convocation, you will walk through the College gates. These gates are opened only twice a year. You will pass through at Convocation and again at Commencement when you conclude your academic career at MCLA. Faculty, staff, administrators, and College trustees in full academic regalia are there to show commitment to our new members of the MCLA community.

Convocation is a time to celebrate. We celebrate the excitement of a new academic year as we welcome you.