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Information for all Commencement attendees

**Only ticketed guests will be allowed to enter the Amsler Campus Center gymnasium. Each guest must carry their own ticket. Guests without tickets will be directed to a secondary viewing area to watch the ceremony.** 

Tickets are required for anyone age 3 and older. 

All adult aged campus community members participating in Commencement activities and guests attending Commencement activities must have a valid form of government issued identification with them at all times. Guests under 18 years old are not required to meet this standard.

Bags and personal items are prohibited in any areas where Commencement activities - including Baccalaureate - are taking place. All personal items brought into these areas are subject to search.

Prohibited items at Commencement activities include:

  • Bags, backpacks, large handbags, briefcases, duffle bags, luggage, and all like articles

  • Balloons, posters or other view obstructing material

  • Coolers

  • Parcels

  • Strollers (stroller parking are outside of venue)

  • Pets (service animals allowed)

  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs, or illegal substances

  • Laser pointers

  • Firearms

  • Weapons in violation of the College's weapons policy or any object that is a weapon per se (stun guns, tasers, handcuffs, brass knuckles, sticks, clubs, batons, martial arts instruments, pepper spray, knives, etc.)

  • Fireworks or any explosive/incendiary device

  • Glass or metal containers

  • Canes, chains, or sticks of any length not intended for medical use


Law enforcement and the College reserve the right to restrict any item not specifically mentioned above.

Community members or guests found in possession of the above-mentioned items may be turned away and/or asked to leave Commencement. All items will be confiscated and disposed of where applicable. The College and law enforcement will not return items of an illegal nature to anyone and reserves the right to file criminal charges for possession of illegal items when warranted.

No storage or check area will be provided for prohibited items. Prohibited items that are NOT ILLEGAL should be stored in the trunk of a vehicle or other safe location outside of the Commencement area. 


Safety guidelines:

  • No standing is allowed in the back area of Amsler Campus Center near the gymnasium doorways, hallways or exits at any time. The campus center patio or secondary viewing area may be used for that purpose.

    •    Building access will be limited to those areas where Commencement activities are taking place. All other campus buildings will be secured and will require contacting Campus Police for access.

    •    No vehicles may be left "standing unattended" at any time. Unattended standing vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

    •    No personal property may be left unattended at any time. Unattended property will be confiscated, inventoried and brought to Campus Police Headquarters at 277 Ashland Street for safe keeping.

All MCLA community members and guests are strongly encouraged to report any suspicious activity to Campus Police by calling 413.662.5100 or extension 5100 from any campus phone.

All MCLA community members and guests attending Commencement activities are expected to comply with the reasonable requests of law enforcement and College officials. Failure to do so may lead to removal from Commencement and/or criminal charges being filed.