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We encourage you to do an internship in your junior or senior year, in a field related to your major because you gain practical experience that complements the more theoretical lessons learned in the classroom. In addition, you can make important contacts in the business world, contacts that may lead to letters of references or even job offers.

The Career Center - Your partner for success

If you are interested in landing an internship for professional experience, evaluate your skills and interests and explore different career fields.  You will then have a handle on the types of work settings that will be the best potential internship site for you. A number of internship sites currently exist; however, it is possible to create new sites and experiences either through your academic department or the Career Services Center. Check out the Career Services internship opportunities if you are interested in internship possibilities or to gain work experience in general. Our staff will refer you when necessary to your academic department to help you determine course credit.  We will prepare you for the opportunity and guide you through the process.