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MCLA's Travel Courses Take You Places

Expand Your Horizons, Study Off Campus

If you think you would like to study somewhere else but are not sure you want to be away for an entire semester, then MCLA’s travel courses may be perfect for you. On-campus sessions and on-site visits combine to give you a unique educational experience that you will never forget.

Students at Irish castleTravel courses

  • cover a range of subject areas, from history, political science, business, biology, environmental studies, English, and sociology, to name a few
  • are conducted by faculty who are experienced travelers and who are experts in their fields
  • are held during an extended spring break or sometimes during winter break
  • let you experience another culture in an immersive experience
  • provide some limited scholarships to help defray costs to qualified applicants
  • may be a gateway to later study abroad opportunities or international travel

Learn more about the travel courses being offered in the spring semester and see what kinds of travel courses students have enjoyed in the past.

For more information on travel courses, contact Academic Affairs at 413.662.5242.


Winter/Spring 2019 Travel Courses

evergladesEverglades and South Florida
January 12-21, 2019
Dr. Dan Shustack

Florida has a rich history, diverse ecology, and dynamic present. This field trip lets you explore the historical and contemporary interactions of people with their environment. We consider the human history (including Indians, Spanish, and US colonists) and the historical and modern ways in which people have altered and existed in Florida's environment.

chinaChina Travel Course
March 14-24, 2019
Professors Ben Kahn and Tom Whalen

China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations going back 5000 years. She has transformed herself into a 21st century global economic leader. This course insures that students are exposed to China’s history and culture, while providing them with the knowledge and experience to perform in the global economy.

south africaSouth Africa Travel Course
March 14-25, 2019
Dr. Anna Jaysane-Darr

This course examines contemporary South Africa and diverse South African communities in historical and cultural context. It is built around a travel component that will include historic sites, museums, local organizations, cooking class, and street art.

ColombiaCartagena, Colombia Travel Course
March 15-25, 2019
Dr. Mariana Bolivar Rubin

The course, we will examine significant notions and debates about Latin American cultural identity. We will focus on historical events and cultural productions from the colonial period to the present throughout the Spanish-speaking Caribbean South American.

irelandIreland Travel Course
March 16-25, 2019
Dr. Anthony Daly

Explore the rich history and culture of Ireland. The course will acquaint students with Ireland’s history, culture, and society by visiting historical sites, museums, vibrant cities, and the Irish countryside.

mexicoMexico Travel Course
March 15-25, 2019
Dr. David Cupery

The course aims to help students develop a more complete and nuanced understanding of Mexico. This will be done through study of Mexican history, politics, socioeconomics and a week-and-a-half visit to three parts of the country, where students will experience the issues and society of study firsthand.

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Fall 2019 Travel Course

ENVI 350: Ecology and Management of the Adirondack Park
October 11-14, 2019
Dr. Elena Traister

Spring 2019 Travel Courses

ENVI 355: Everglades and South Florida
January 12-21, 2019
Dr. Dan Shustack

TRVL 300: China Travel Course
March 14-24, 2019
Professors Ben Kahn and Tom Whalen

TRVL 300: South Africa Travel Course
March 14-25, 2019
Dr. Anna Jaysane-Darr

TRVL 300: Cartagena, Colombia Travel Course
March 15-25, 2019
Dr. Mariana Bolivar Rubin

TRVL 300: Ireland Travel Course
March 16-25, 2019
Dr. Anthony Daly

TRVL 300: Mexico Travel Course
March 15-25, 2019
Dr. David Cupery

Spring 2018 Travel Courses

ENGL372/372H: Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Britain
March 09-19, 2018
Dr. Rosanne Denhard

TRVL 300: Paris and Comparative Cultural Policy
March 10-16, 2018
Prof. Diane Scott

BIOL 424: Field Studies in Marine Biology
March 11-28, 2018
Dr. Anne Goodwin

ENVI 350: Sonoran Desert and the Arizona Borderlands
March 8-20, 2018
Dr. Dan Shustack 

TRVL 300: Civil Rights Trip
March 9-17, 2018
Dr. Ely Janis

TRVL 300: Cuba Travel Course
March 9-19, 2018
Dr. David Cupery

TRVL 300: Japan Travel Course
March 8-19, 2018
Dr. Kailai Huang

TRVL 300: Queer San Francisco
March 10-17, 2018
Dr. Sumi Colligan

Previous Travel Courses:

Ecology and Management of the Adirondack Park - Dr. Elena Traister Fall 2017

Peru Travel Course - Dr. David Cupery Spring 2017

Queer San Francisco - Dr. Sumi Colligan Spring 2017

Everglades and South Florida - Dr. Dan Shustack Spring 2017

Arts of Medieval and Renaissance Britain - Dr. Rosanne Denhard Spring 2016

Ireland Travel Course - Dr. Anthony Daly Spring 2016

Japan Travel Course - Dr. Kailai Huang Spring 2016

Field Studies in Marine Biology - Dr. Anne Goodwin Spring 2016