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ART 115 – Introduction to Drawing

Introduces art practices through the study and creation of drawings. Drawing is fundamental to the visual arts. Working from observation, a mix of methods of line, value, and form build skills of tone, visual proportion, scale, sketching, composition, concept and artistic meanings. Prerequisite: None


ART 117 – Great Monuments of Art I

Introduces the history of art through the study of specific c masterworks, which exemplify the art of a particular period and culture. Sites such as the Vatican and artists such as Leonardo da Vinci will be examined in order to understand how art embodies and expresses civilization. Masterworks in local museums will also be included for first-hand observation, as will examples from non-western culture. Prerequisite: None


ART 118 – Introduction to Design

Using a variety of materials, this introductory course explores design elements, characteristics and concepts including presentation skills and the role of the craft. Students develop visual thinking strategies by using line, shape, form, texture, value, color and space, as well as the concepts of focal point, unity, variety, movement, pattern and balance. Prerequisite: None 


ART 125 – Introduction to Sculpture

Introduce a variety of sculptured methods including manipulation, addition and subtraction as well as principles of three-dimensional design. Prerequisite: None 


ART 212 – Introduction to Painting

This in-depth studio art laboratory uses painting from observation to investigate and refine the use of color. Projects and readings include painting media and their use, classic and contemporary palette organization, color mixing and color theory. Prerequisite: ART 116 


ART 216 –Intermediate Drawing

Develops intermediate drawing projects by working from observation and imagination. Techniques focus on line, modeling and form using intensive sketching processes. Prerequisite: ART 116 


ART 217 – Great Monuments of Art II

Introduces contemporary art from the mid 19th century to the present day, and how the art embodies and expresses contemporary visual culture. Examples from American, European and non-Western contemporary art will be included, as well as examples from local museums for first-hand interactions. Prerequisite: ART 117 


ART 218 – Intermediate Design

Students integrate and extend processes and media that were introduced in the first semester, with a focus on how compositional development, conceptual and material process and independent inquiry form the foundation of the design process. Prerequisite: ART 118  


ART 221 – Introductory Seminar in Art History

Studies art history with a specific focus on artists and periods. Social, political and economic trends, along with the period’s cultural context, are employed in the understanding and interpretation of the art. Th is course cannot be taken more than once for credit. Prerequisite: ART 117 


ART 232 – Intermediate Painting

Continues the exploration of our visual world, with increased attention to painting materials, color and palette, composition and metaphor in painting. Prerequisite: ART 116, ART 212 


ART 235 –Introductory Studio (Technique)

Study and practice important facets of studio art techniques and creative methods in a creative arts laboratory environment. The course includes exercises and art projects to prepare students as they begin to develop a professional portfolio of original artworks. Course topics vary by semester and may include: sculpture, mixed media, collage, assemblage, cartooning, landscape painting and other topics. Repeatable if different topic. Prerequisite: ART 116 


ART 305 –The Human Figure

Draw and/or paint based on direct observation of the nude model. The human figure is a central force of symbolism in European and American fi ne art. As such students will interact with artistic anatomy traditions and innovations. Prerequisite: ART 116 


ART 306 –The Concrete Poem

Combine words and images in experimental, interdisciplinary formats such as hypertext, photo collage, mural-graffiti, sculptural installation and word-based painting or drawing. After preliminary studies and exercises, students develop their own visual concrete poems. Prerequisite: ART 116 


ART 311 –Topics in Art

Provides advanced work in analysis, interpretation and research. Offerings: art, history and the American landscape. Prerequisite: ART 117 


ART 312 –Form and Composition

Develops compositional approaches to the making and understanding of visual artworks through the use of historical and contemporary art methods and concepts. Prerequisite: ART 212  


ART 315 –Intermediate Art Lab

Focus on the creation of a series of artworks around a common theme, technique or art medium. This is an intermediate studio art laboratory course. This course may be repeated. Prerequisite: ART 116, ART 212 


ART 321 –Intermediate Seminar in Art History

Covers specific areas of art history in order to supplement the more comprehensive introductory level studies of art. Students gain an in-depth experience with one medium or period. Offerings: Prehistoric to Early Renaissance Art; History of 19th and 20th Century Art; History of American Watercolor Painting; History of American Poster Graphics; The Prendergasts and the “Eight”; Homer, Eakins, and Sargent; Art and the Italian Landscape; The Lure of Italy, 19th Century Artists and the Italian Experience. Prerequisite: ART 117 


ART 335 –Intermediate Studio (Technique)

Employs mid-level studio art techniques to create original artworks. Method and techniques vary by semester and may include art forms such as cast painting, block printing, digital photography, book arts, sculpture or other specialty topics. Course may be repeated. Prerequisite: Any 100 or 200 level ART course 


ART 412 –Advanced Art Lab

Advanced, experimental studio art laboratory. Course work includes analysis and creation of symbolic/metaphoric systems, conceptual methods and decision-making in aesthetics as related to individualized art projects designed by the student with frequent feedback from the instructor, peer groups and/or guest artists. This course may be repeated. Prerequisite: ART 315 


ART 413 –Advanced Seminar in Art History

Studies art history with a more specific focus on artists and periods. Social and political theory is employed in the understanding and interpretation of art. Offerings: Art and Society 1870-1914; French Impressionist Era; Art and the Art Museum; Art of the Italian Renaissance. Prerequisite: ART 117 


ART 435 – Advanced Studio (Technique)

Employs advanced studio art techniques to create original artworks. Method and technique vary by semester and may include art forms such as portraiture, engraving, manipulated photography, book arts, sculpture, or other advanced specialty topics. Course may be repeated. Prerequisite: Any 200 or 300 level ART course 


ART 480 – Senior Art Project

Develop a public exhibition of art created in the art studios. Under the supervision of FPA faculty, students will select work from their art portfolios, organize and present a professional display in an art gallery or other appropriate community venue. Prerequisite: ART 312 


ART 510 – Studio Art Teaching Assistantship

Learn the fundamentals of art lab management and studio art teaching. Course content covers federal and state regulations regarding art media and their use, various philosophies of art education, and practical applications in the college classroom. With faculty guidance, advanced students gain a preliminary teaching experience. Prerequisite: Instructor approval


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