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Guidelines for Prevention in the Clinical Setting 

In this clinical setting athletic training students may be exposed to a variety of microorganisms that are capable of being transmitted and spread. Although it is not possible to prevent exposure to all disease causing microorganisms, the following guidelines should help prevent the spread of communicable diseases:

  • Athletic training student must successfully complete annual bloodborne pathogen training prior to initialing any clinical experience
  • Athletic training students are required to use universal precautions at all times
  • Athletic training students are required to use proper hand washing techniques and practice good hygiene at all times.
  • Bandages, towels, syringes, or other materials that have come into contact with bodily fluids should be properly disposed of in the appropriate biohazard or sharps container.
  • The clinical setting should be kept as clean as possible. Any surface that may house microorganisms should be cleaned with appropriate disinfectants, including but not limited to: counter tops, tables, chairs, whirlpools, and floors.
  • Athletic training students should not engage in clinical experience if he/she has active signs and symptoms of a communicable disease or if they have been diagnosed with a contagious disease, until cleared by a physician. Written documentation from the attending physician must be provided.