Internships, Graduate Schools & Careers

Biology students gain in-depth knowledge and practical experience through laboratory experiments, independent research, tutoring opportunities, and internships. The Bachelor of Science in Biology also provides the subject-specific knowledge base for students interested in pursuing a career in secondar education or advanced study in other biological disciplines.



Allied Health * Biotechnology * Medical Technology * Pre-Physical Therapy * Pre-Professional * Traditional Biology



Berkshire Health Systems
Berkshire Medical Center
Berkshire Museum
Greylock Animal Hospital 

Graduate Schools

Cornell University
Liberty University of Osteopathic Medicine
New York Chiropractic College
North Carolina State University of Veterinary Medicine
Sage Graduate School
UMass Medical School
University of New England College of Pharmacy
University of Texas 


Allied Health
- Physical Therapy
- Occupational Therapy
- Physician Assistant
- Nutrition
Biological Forensic Sciences
Medical Technology
Pharmaceutical Industries
Science Education
Scientific Research

Students conducting undergraduate research have presented their findings at:

  • Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges Conferences
  • National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
  • Regional American Society of Microbiology Meeting
  • UMass Honors Conference