Medical Technology Concentration 

BiologyIn the Medical Technology program, you spend three years at MCLA completing  prerequisite courses and obtaining a liberal arts education. The fourth year consists of internships and clinical laboratory training at accredited hospitals with schools of medical technology and cytotechnology, such as Berkshire Medical Center (BMC).


The four foundational courses (BIOL 150, 235, 240, and 245)
Immunology (BIOL 305) Anatomy & Physiology I and II (BIOL 342 and 343)
Microbiology (BIOL 320)
Introduction to Chemistry I and II (CHEM 150 and 152)
Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 201) Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 202) or Biochemistry (BIOL 360)
Introduction to Statistics (MATH 232) 32 credits of clinical courses at BMC (BIOL 485-489)


Hospital and Adjunct Faculty Affiliated with MCLA

Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield
Lori Moore, B.S., MT (ASCP) Educational Director (Medical Technology)
Rebecca Johnson, M.D., Medical Director

 Contact Dr. Ann Billetz for additional information.