Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration

This concentration fulfills the prerequisites of numerous Physical Therapy graduate schools. In particular, if you complete this concentration and meet the criteria below, you can use the articulation agreement at Sage Graduate School for admission into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. 


Introduction to Biology (BIOL 150)
Genetics (BIOL 240)
Zoology (BIOL 245)
Anatomy and Physiology I & II (BIOL 342 & 343)
Physiologic Aspects of Exercise (BIOL 440)
Biology Seminar for Entering Majors (BIOL 101)
Biology Seminar (BIOL 330)
Introduction to Chemistry I & II (CHEM 150 & 152)
Organic Chemistry I & II (CHEM 201 & 202)
General Physics I & II (PHYS 131 & 132)
Introduction to Statistics (MATH 232)
Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 100)
Developmental Psychology (PSYC 210)

- Three credits of upper level elective Biology courses
- Overall GPA of 3.25 and a minimum science GPA of 3.25
- 40 hours of clinical observation with a physical therapist