Program Details

Biology Major

A major in traditional Biology prepares you to pursue advanced graduate study, as well as obtain a secondary major in middle or secondary education. The Biology major consists of at least 62 credits including:


The four foundational courses (BIOL 150, 235, 240, and 245)
Ecology (BIOL 460) Cell Biology (BIOL 480)
Two seminars (BIOL 100 and BIOL 330)
Nine credits of upper level biology courses (not including courses listed above)
Introduction to Chemistry I and II (CHEM 150 and 152) Organic Chemistry I and II (CHEM 201 and 202)
General Physics I and II (PHYS 131 and 132)
Either Introduction to Statistics (MATH 232), Pre-Calculus (MATH 150), or Calculus (MATH 220)

Optional Concentrations

Pre-Professional Studies 
Allied Health
Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre-Occupational Therapy
Medical Technology