Independent Research Opportunities

Independent research is an excellent way for you to pursue a research topic of personal interest. Independent research is not a requirement for the major, but it is a requirement for Honors in Biology. The Biology Department strongly encourages you to explore this avenue. Research projects often require more time than originally thought, so the earlier you start researching, the more in depth research you can conduct. 

Research and Travel Grants

A stipend of up to $300 for individual or $600 for a group is available for students conducting research for their projects (e.g. for supplies or compensation of participants in research projects), or to cover costs associated with travel to professional meetings. To be considered for a Research or Travel Grant, you must submit an application describing the nature of the research or reason for travel, a budget, and a letter of recommendation from a supporting faculty member. Applications are due before March 13th of each year. Contact Dr. Justin Golub in the Biology department for application materials.

Undergraduate Research Conference

The Undergraduate Research Conference has been an annual event on campus since 2003. The conference showcases independent research conducted by students in the natural and social sciences. All students conducting research are encouraged to submit abstracts to the committee overseeing the conference. Contact Dr. Justin Golub in the Biology department for more information on abstract submissions.

 For more information about research opportunities in the Biology department, please contact Dr. Ann Billetz.