Behzad Khajejzadeh (Ben Kahn)

Professor, Business Administration


About Me

Ben Kahn is an economist. He has been a faculty at MCLA since 1979. He has extensive teaching and research in area of the Economic Theory, Quantitative Methods, and Global Strategic Management. He received a research fellowship from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (1995) and Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (2004), which is affiliated with World Trade Organization Consultation Centre in Shanghai. In spring 2004 semester, he conducted research at WTO centre that publishes the Annual Economic Report to the President of CHINA. He taught Graduate and Undergraduate courses in International School of Business at SIFT. He has been the host in the Capital District to Chinese visiting scholars from SIFT since 1995. He is a MBA lecturer at Sage Colleges and College of Saint Rose. He is the director of Multinational corporate and Cultural tour to China. He conducts students travel courses in "Business in /with CHINA" for Undergraduate and MBA program. He is committed in communicating both the principles of his field and the results of his global research in college teaching and professional activities. He is a member of the Eastern Academy of Management International, and has presented his research in San Jose, Costa Rico (2001); Porto, Portugal (2003); Cape Town, South Africa (2005); Amsterdam, Holland (2007) and in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (June 2009). His expertise in these technical and applied fields has greatly contributed to the quality of education for Business Administration students. He has taken great interest in the personal and professional advancement of his students to develop a vision for the future.  He is educating his students to create their own jobs and plan for the jobs that does not yet exist. He has assisted his students in technical field and career choices over the last three decades.


Contact Information 

Office: Venable Hall G09


Business In China 2017 Travel Course: China Experience


Office Hours
Spring 2019

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00 - 12:00 pm

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30-9:00 am

Other times by Appointment.

Venable Hall G09



Completion of PhD. course work in Econometrics and International Trade and Finance

M.A. SUNY at Albany, Albany, NY

B.S. University of Teheran


Courses Taught

ECON 142: Microeconomics

ECON 216: Statistics for Economics & Business

BADM 242 Legal and Social Environment of Business

ECON 315: Enviromental Economics

ECON 340: Money, Banking & Global Financial Markets

BADM 510 Strategic Management