Business Administration


We have a variety of exciting programs and concentrations to choose from - so you can focus on what excites you.  The listing below links to a flow sheet for each program so you can see the specific course requirements for each concentration - and see how your concentration fits in with your major program, and how your major program fits into your overall studies at MCLA!

Business Administration Minor

This minor program provides non-majors with a basic understanding of the structure and function of businesses and organizations - management of human, financial, physical resources, marketing of products and services, and the role of businesses and organizations in the national and global economy.

Required Courses:

BADM 100 Explorations in Business
or ECON 141 Macroeconomics
BADM 224 Financial Accounting
BADM 260 Management
BADM 270 Marketing

Two electives selected from any 300 level or higher department offering for which prerequisites have been met.

Economics Minor

The economics minor introduces students to theories of economics and demonstrates how these and associated analytical and quantitative methods apply to consumer choice, resource allocation by the organization, and fiscal and monetary policies of government.

Required Courses:

ECON 141 Macroeconomics
ECON 142 Microeconomics
ECON 216 Statistics for Economics and Business
THREE economics elective courses, TWO of which must be at the 300 or higher level.

Marketing Minor

The Marketing Minor is an excellent program for students in any major, as almost everyone will promote something in their lifetime - a product, a service, a cause, an idea or themselves!  It's especially appropriate for students majoring in Arts Management, Corporate Communications, Environmental Studies, or Public Relations.  This program provides the fundamental principles and concepts of Marketing as well as courses in understanding consumer behavior and marketing in various types of environments.

Required Courses:

BADM 100 - Explorations in Business
ECON 142 - Microeconomics
BADM 270 - Marketing
BADM 381 - Consumer Behavior

THREE of the following:
BADM 380 - Strategic Marketing
BADM 382 - Marketing Research (has additional pre-reqs)
BADM 384 - Marketing Communications
BADM 385 - Global Marketing
BADM 386 - Sport Marketing (has additional pre-reqs)
BADM 387 - Service & Event Marketing