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Chemistry Faculty              

Dr. Carolyn Dehner                                               

Dr. Robert Harris, III, Department Chair 

Dr. David Levine

Part-Time Faculty / Staff

Steve Miller, Laboratory Instructor | | CSI 308D | 413.662.6163

Steven MillerMy career in chemistry began with attending an informal seminar in drug discovery and development. In those moments, I came to see organic and analytical chemistry as the most noble of all possible callings for my life, and in my teaching and learning at MCLA I fulfill mydream every day. A lifelong educator, I  bring a constructivist philosophy of teaching to the classroom and engineer a complex and rich environment where all my students have the opportunity to create in their minds a personal experience of chemistry as they interact with our materials, instruments,  and chemical challenges. Outside the classroom, my time is equally divided between many health and fitness activities, cooking, bicycling, and in cultivating a lively and nourishing space for family and friends.

Bernadette Dineen, Laboratory Technician | CSI 304 | 413.662.5545

Bernadette DineenMy attraction to chemistry began with the fact that I knew-quite literally-nothing about it when I entered MCLA. I am an unfortunately inquisitive person by nature, and this prompts me to choose things that will be difficult so that I may work through them. There are moments of complication, where you spend hours, sometimes days, trying to wrap your head around something (anything!) until it finally clicks; and there are moments of easy understanding, where the knowledge you find has a familiar intimacy as though you might have known it forever. As a prior student, and now the department Lab Technician, I am learning new things and relearning old things every day. Working closely with students in lab allows me to find new ways to look at familiar concepts as well as share the joy in their understanding something they have been working on. When I'm not here in the chem department, I'm found somewhere reading about medicine, sewing, painting, or talking with my cat, The Meow.