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Broadcast Media

Have you ever wanted to join a TV production team? To get involved on any level in the TV Studio's production, please contact Peter Gentile.


Total credits required for Broadcast Media concentration: 48

Foundation courses - 24 credits

Department electives - 6 credits

Concentration courses - 18 credits


Concentration Courses 

Radio Production (ENGL 212)

Basic TV Production & Broadcasting (ENGL 214)

Advanced TV Production & Broadcasting (ENGL 314) or The Popular Arts as Business (ENGL 318)

Either two electives from Special Topics in Communications courses, such as Making Meaning: Theory & Practice in Media Production (ENGL 481)


Two electives that are 300-level or above:

Creative Writing: Scripts (ENGL 302)

Broadcast Delivery (ENGL 316)

Global Issues in Communication (ENGL 319)

Broadcast Journalism (ENGL 324)

Special Topics in Communications (ENGL 481); by subject, this course may be repeated

Directed Independent Study (ENGL 500)

Internship (ENGL 540)