Caren BeilinDr. Caren Beilin

Assistant Professor, English/Communications


About Me

In class I will lecture, conduct open discussion, and—most importantly—facilitate in-class writing. I believe we can use the tension of togetherness, and the momentousness of our meeting, to produce work that risks and communicates. No work is sui generis, produced in a vacuum and/or wholly unique; it is made in conversation (witting or more passive) with what has already been made, and in conversation with one's community. This is why it's so important that we read (copiously, curiously, with wit) what has already been written, and actively become one another's contemporaries. I am also interested in shifting focus from product to practice. What [radical] practices might you develop that could sustain, feed, or even challenge the stories you've wanted to tell?


Description of Special Projects/Activities

I am currently finishing a curation project for Swarthmore College's Women's Resource Center: a new 800 book collection of feminist/LGBTQ+ titles (please ask me for the list).


Research/Creative Interests

I am a novelist and short story writer who often explores the limit, stretch, and permeability of genre. I am interested in playing with form, and with intervening on formal conventions. Writing, for me, is about studying, using and sometimes necessarily breaking conventions. My research interests include feminist, queer and trans theory, and disability studies.

I am the author of a collection of short fiction, Americans, Guests or Us, a novel, The University of Pennsylvania, and a forthcoming autofiction, SPAIN. My short stories have appeared in Fence, McSweeney's, LA Review of Books, The Offing, The Lifted Brow, Wolfman Quarterly, Territory, and DIAGRAM. My essays and reviews can be found at the literary site, for which I serve as an editor.



Beilin, Caren. SPAIN. Rescue Press, 2018.

Beilin, Caren. The University of Pennsylvania. Noemi Press, 2014.

Beilin, Caren. Americans, Guests, or Us. New Michigan Press, 2012.

Contact Information

Office: Mark Hopkins 103A




PhD, University of Utah, 2016

MFA, University of Montana, 2009

BA, Columbia College Chicago, 2005


Course Taught

ENGL 208: Experiments in Creative Writing

ENGL 300: Creative Writing: Fiction

ENGL 150: College Writing II