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Film Studies 

Making movies lets us combine every artistic and technical proficiency we can command, and consequently the art of film has attracted some of the best creative talents of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

For over two decades, MCLA has made the study of film an integral part of the English/Communications major with a concentration in Film Studies that includes the following courses.


Total credits required for Film Studies concentration: 48

Foundation courses - 24 credits

Department electives - 6 credits

Concentration courses - 18 credits


Concentration Courses 

Essentials of Film (ENGL 210) - 3 credits

Constructing the Short Film (ENGL 315) - 3 credits

Special Topics in Film (ENGL 397) - 3 credits

Filmmakers & Filmmaking (ENGL 412) - 3 credits


Plus two film electives at the 200-level or above:

The Civil War in Literature & Film (ENGL 375) 

Special Topics in Film, by subject (ENGL 397)

Filmmakers and Filmmaking, by subject (ENGL 412) 

From Semiotics to Significations, if not used as Foundations course (ENGL 481)

Directed Independent Study (ENGL 500)

Internship (ENGL 540)

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