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Literature has been called the queen of the arts. It engages the imagination more fully and involves a greater variety of pleasures than almost any other mode of human understanding. Literature can mix together the historical and the fanciful, the conclusions of science and the projections of our fondest wishes like no other form of human expression. Because it uses words, it is the simplest art, and because it combines those words in ways to touch the soul, it is, even more, the most varied and complex art.

MCLA is unusual in providing a variety of ways for studying literature. We are very proud of our literature curriculum, and we think you will find it rich, rewarding, and full of promise.

You will find a broad range of literature courses taught in small classes by experienced and highly-educated faculty. The mechanism by which a full curriculum can thrive at a small college is that our courses are taught in rotation: each semester, we offer a different slice of the overall spectrum of courses. But a course gets re-listed every three or four semesters. If you are looking forward to taking a particular subject, be sure and plan ahead so you are prepared when the class appears in the schedule. Your advisor can give you tips on how to mesh your interests with our literature offerings.


Total credits required for Literature concentration: 48 

Foundation courses - 24 credits

Department electives - 6 credits


Concentration Courses

Critical Reading (ENGL 349) - 3 credits 

Shakespeare (ENGL 351) - 3 credits

Literary Survey (twoin addition to one in Foundation Courses) - 6 credits

Two 300-level or above literature electives - 6 credits

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