Dance Minor

The dance minor is offered through the department of Fine and Performing Arts but is open to all students.  Students complete 18 credits for the minor, students may substitute dance courses offered at Williams College when applicable. See minor coordinator for details regarding cross enrollment policy.

DANC 100 - Introduction to Dance

Introduces students to the basics of ballet and modern dance techniques, as well as offer an overview of the history of those genres. Prerequisite: None

DANC 200 - Intermediate Dance

Builds upon the basics of ballet and modern dance technique covered in Dance 100 Introduction to Dance as well as explores some of the important teachers, dancers, choreographers and works of those two genres. Prerequisite: DANC 100

DANC 300 - Dance Project

Allows students to create an individual project in dance, research, production, choreography, education, or topics in dance management that serve to deepen knowledge, experience in and exposure to dance. May be repeated for a maximum of 3 credits. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior status

DANC 310 - Topics in Dance Technique

Students will explore different techniques, periods and contexts of dance.  Varies by topic. May include ballet, jazz, hip hop, African, Irish, folk, etc. Prerequisite: DANC 200

Dance Minor Requirements