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Dr. Anthony DalyProfesssor Daly on the Antrim Coast

Professor, History, Political Science and Public Policy


Research/Creative Interests

My academic specialties center on Europe after 1500. In my research I concentrate on Britain and Ireland in the nineteenth century, especially radical activity in areas such as land, religion, and nationalism. Currently, I am working on a project that examines Chartism, a movement in the mid-nineteenth century that sought to expand voting rights to the working class. Specifically, I am researching the role of William Sharman Crawford and how his involvement with the Chartists enriches our understanding of Irish and British reform movements.

Description of Special Projects/Activities

As a historian of Europe, leading travel courses across the Atlantic is an exciting part of my work. Travel courses are semester-long, three credit classes that meet for discussions, presentations, and assignments. The courses center on a travel component, typically a ten day trip over spring break. I have taught two travel courses to France, and in spring 2019 I plan to offer my fourth travel course to Ireland.

2019 Ireland Travel Course

Representative Publications

Daly, Anthony. "'The true remedy for Irish grievances is to be found in good political institutions’: English radicals and Irish nationalism, 1847–74." Historical Research 86 (February 2013): 53-75.

Daly, Anthony. Review of Ulster Liberalism, 1778–1876, by Gerald Hall. Journal of British Studies, 52 (2013): 544-545. 

Recent Talks and Presentations

“‘A machine for the purposes of the state’: William Sharman Crawford and the Established Church,” North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS), Denver, Colorado, November 2017.

“‘The Most Consistent of Them All’: William Sharman Crawford as a Chartist,” North American Conference on British Studies, Little Rock, Arkansas, November 2015.


Contact Information

Office: 72 Porter Street, Room 7


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Ph.D. Boston College, 2006

M.A., Boston College, 2002

B.A. University of Toronto, 1998


Courses Taught

HIST 104 Modern World Civilization

HIST 305 Britain from 1688

HIST 305 Ireland from 1600

HIST 305 Ancient Greece and Rome

HIST 305 Russia from 1682

HIST 403 European Empires in the Nineteenth Century

HIST 450 Career and ePortfolio Workshop