Honors Commonwealth Scholar

Commonwealth Scholar Thesis Option: By researching, writing, and defending an approved honors thesis and fulfilling the above requirements, honors students may graduate as Commonwealth Scholars. This yearlong independent research project will culminate in a public presentation and defense of a thesis. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore a topic of interest at a deep level, and is outstanding preparation for graduate studies. Guidelines for Prospectus and Thesis here (*.pdf). Project Timetable and Schedule (*.docx).


Commonwealth Scholar

Jaclyn Ordway

"Writing my thesis was a rewarding process. I learned so much about methodology, my topic, and my own writing. While this project was challenging, I am glad that I chose to do the Commonwealth Thesis, since it offered me the opportunity to closely examine a topic I am interested in and pushed me to improve both my writing and my presentation skills."

Jaclyn Ordway, Commonwealth Scholar, 2017