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Physical Education

"MCLA Athletics gave me invaluable leadership and organizational experience that is difficult to replicate in other organizations." - Jason Mlodzianowski '08, Game Operations Intern, University of Missouri

The charge of a liberal arts education includes opportunities for intellectual, physical, and spiritual development. The Physical Education program, housed within the department of Biology, encourages physical well- being and opportunities for leadership and collaboration.

Why MCLA is Different 

three mcla volleyball players at the netThe Physical Education Program lets you experience various forms of lifetime physical and recreational activities. These activities emphasize different components of physical fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, coordination, skill acquisition, and weight loss. These serve as a foundation for a healthy, physically active lifestyle and inform effective choices concerning the value and place of lifetime physical activity. 

The Physical Education program offers courses that support the minor in Sport Coaching and the Athletic Training major. These are integrative programs that include coursework from the Department of Education, Department of Biology, and Physical Education program. 

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Dr. Peter Hoyt, Coordinator

Center for Science and Innovation - Rm 225B