Internships and Careers


We have a well-established internship program, cooperatively administered by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work. You can receive from 3-15 credits in Psychology.
Each credit requires 45 hours of onsite work per semester

  • Only 3 credits can count toward the Psychology major as an elective; 
  • Other credits can count toward the upper division college requirement

You attend weekly classes while working at one of a variety of internship sites in the region. You might shadow and observe, gather information and provide statistical analyses, participate in groups and staff meetings, or be trained by onsite staff to deliver specific services. You receive a minimum of one hour per week on-site supervision from someone at the site who has direct knowledge of your internship goals and plans. See recent internship placements.

You must keep a journal of your activities, documenting what you learn each week and any issues that arise, and complete a project that could include a research paper or other assignment tailored to your work.

When possible, faculty advisors accommodate your preferences to observe and work with specific populations or in particular settings, for instance, with children, the elderly, domestic violence issues, or inpatient or outpatient treatment settings. You can also design your own internship, pending advisor approval, for example, during the summer in your hometown.

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Graduate School Opportunities

A number of our students continue immediately to graduate training in psychology or to professional schools. Many have gone on to earn graduate degrees in psychology, computer science, industrial relations, social work, business, education, law, medicine, and nursing at schools such as:

University of Kentucky
University of Memphis
University of North Texas
University of Vermont
Antioch University New England
Harvard University
William James College

Kansas State University
LaSalle University
New School for Social Research
Northeastern University
Utah State



Psychology majors are in demand in fields including: 

Applied Behavior Analysis
Business and Marketing Career and Guidance Counseling
Community Service
Education/School Psychology
Health Care
Human Resources
Medicine/Medical Research
Mental Health Counseling
Social Work

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Faculty Specialties

Behavior Analysis
Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Educational Psychology
Human Sexuality
Social Psychology
Behavioral Psychopharmacology
Language and Cognition