Student Research 

One of the biggest strengths of our program is the opportunity for you to work closely with faculty on scholarly research. All of our full-time faculty are active researchers who encourage you to participate in faculty-directed projects or help you develop your own research.

As you can see by the long list of presentations and publications, these collaborative endeavors are quite successful in producing quality research. You can present at professional conferences, at the Council for Undergraduate Research, and right here at MCLA's Undergraduate Research Conference where many Psychology majors present their work every year.

Don't hesitate to contact a faculty member to learn more about their research or to ask about getting involved in a lab!

Student Conference Presentations (2005-Present)

McCormick, M., Munsell, B., Furney, K., & Benjamin, R. (2013, October) Student Perceptions, Performance and Motivation in the Core Curriculum. COPLAC Regional Conference. North Adams, MA.

Acton, B., Bartini, M. (2012) Improving the Academic Performance of At-Risk Students. COPLAC Regional Conference. Willimantic, Ct.

Gaizetis, E., School Bullying: Effects of School Climate on Teachers' Perceptions of Efficacy. (2011). 25th Annual NCUR, Ithaca, NY.

Ober, R., & Claffey, S.T. (2011) In God We Trust: Stress and Well-Being in Parents of Children with Mitochondrial Disease. Poster presented at National Conferences on Undergraduate Research, Ithaca, NY.

Bartini, M., Cavanaugh, J., Bryant-Bosshold, D., Mace, N., Vanderpot, L., Johnson, B., & Boody, J. (2010, March). Relational aggression in structured laboratory tasks: An examination of college students and their friends.  Poster presented at the 2010 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Philadelphia, PA.

Cavanaugh, J., and Bryant-Bosshold, D., The Adaptive Nature of Social Aggression. (2009). 23rd Annual NCUR, La Crosse, WI.

Vanderpot, L., and Mace, N., Predictive Factors of Relational Aggression in College Students: Friendship Quality and Personality Traits. (2009). 23rd Annual NCUR, La Crosse, WI.

Hug, J., Adults' Perceptions of Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders.  (2008). 22nd Annual NCUR, Salisbury, MD.

Girgenti, A. & Bartini, M. (2007, March). Differences in support and opposition of capital punishment. Poster presented at the 2007 Annual Conference of the Eastern Psychological Association, Philadelphia, PA.

Caucci, G., Fusini, A., & Jay, T.B. (2006, July). Slower reading times but poorer recognition rates for romantic sentences. 16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Text & Discourse, Minneapolis, MN.

Janschewitz, K., and Jay, T.B., (2006, July 3-4). Swearing with friends and enemies in high and low places. Invited address. Conference on Impoliteness. University of Huddersfield, UK.

Gaesser, B., Tovani, A., & Jay, T. (2006, April). Semantic priming effects with taboo words. Poster presented at National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). University of North Carolina, Asheville.

Gaesser, B., Tovani, A., & Jay, T. (2006, March). Semantic Priming Effects of Taboo Words. Poster presented at Eastern Psychological Association, Baltimore.

Greenberg, S., Gaesser, B., Wendt, D., and Berman, M., Implicit Attitudes and the Perception of Morality and Stability of Aggression.  (2006). 20th Annual NCUR, Asheville, NC.

Tirrell, S. A. & Bartini, M. (2005, April). Aggression and dating popularity: A dominance theory approach. Poster presented at the 2005 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Atlanta, GA.

Publications (2006-Present)

Peck, S., & Byrne, T. (2016) Demand in rats responding under duration-based schedules of reinforcement, Behavioral Processes, 128, 47-52.

Wood, B. T., Bolner, O, & Gauthier, P. (2015). Student Mental Health Self-disclosures in Classrooms: perceptions and Implications. Psychology, Learning, and Teaching, 13, 2, 83-94

Claffey, S. T., & Manning, K. R. (2010). Equity but not equality: Commentary on Lachance-Grzela and Bouchard. Sex Roles, 63, 781-785.