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Residence Maintenance Request

If you have an issue in your residence area, room, or building – follow these steps:
• Click on the MCLA Single Sign-On Portal (You must be signed-in to access.)
• Click on the Students Tab
• Scroll Down and Click on SchoolDude Maintenance Request
• Fill out the Maintenance Request Form
1. Step 1: Your information, please include your MCLA email and your cell phone so facilities can schedule with you if need be.
2. Step 2: Fill out Location:
• 1st Dropdown box: Select “HOUSING”
• 2nd Dropdown Box: Select your building: Berkshire Towers, Hoosac Hall, or Townhouses
• 3rd Dropdown Box: Select Area: Select the floor/area, or Select “ROOM”
• For Area/Room Number: Enter your Room Number/specific area
3. Step 3: Select Problem Type - Click on the “ICON” that best describes your request.
4. Step 4: In the Text Box: Write what the issue is in detail. Be specific when describing the issue.
5. Step 5: You can upload a picture of the issue, if you want.
6. Step 6: Click SUBMIT button

Emergency or Immediate Attention Requests: 
Safety issues- door lock problem, heat concern, electrical concern, & water issues please contact your RA, RD, or call Public Safety.

For WiFi Concerns- Contact the IT Helpdesk at or x5276

THANK YOU for your help!