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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are my housing options?
  2. How do rooms get assigned?
  3. May I choose where I want to live? May I choose my roommate?
  4. What happens when I arrive in the fall?
  5. What will I find in my room when I arrive?
  6. How can I decorate my room?
  7. Are there quiet hours in the residence areas?
  8. What services are available in the residence areas?
  9. May I bring my car to school?
  10. How can I get around if I don't have a car?
  11. May my friend visit me and stay overnight?
  12. What does my meal plan provide?
  13. Are the residence areas safe?


What are my housing options?

BerkshireTowers is a suite-style, twin-towered residence area that houses returning students and transfers. Each floor of the Towers has three open suites. Each suite has three to five bedrooms, a bathroom and a lounge. The majority of rooms in the Towers are doubles, however, a limited number of single and premium single rooms are also available. Berkshire Towers is smoke-free and alcohol-prohibited. IN THE FALL OF 2020, ALL STUDENTS LIVING IN BERKSHIRE TOWERS WILL BE HOUSED IN PRIVATE ROOMS.

Hoosac Hall houses freshmen and is ideal for students who prefer living in a traditional residence hall setting. Each of the seven student floors has eighteen double rooms, two single rooms, three bathrooms and two lounges. Hoosac Hall is smoke-free and alcohol-prohibited. IN THE FALL OF 2020, ALL STUDENTS LIVING IN HOOSAC HALL WILL BE HOUSED IN PRIVATE ROOMS.

The Flagg Townhouse Apartment Complex is reserved exclusively for transfers and returning students who prefer apartment-style living. Four to six students share an apartment with a full kitchen, a living/dining area and private bathroom facilities. Rooms within each apartment are designed to accommodate one or two students. The Flagg Townhouse Apartment Complex is smoke-free and alcohol consumption is limited to apartments where all residents are 21 years of age or older. IN THE FALL OF 2020, ALL STUDENTS LIVING IN THE FLAGG TOWNHOUSE APARTMENT COMPLEX WILL BE HOUSED IN PRIVATE ROOMS.

How do rooms get assigned?

The new student housing assignment process materials will be available on the College website in mid-July. All required housing materials (Residence Area Occupancy Agreement and Housing Assignment Preference Form) are completed on-line.

The new student housing assignment process section of the Campus Housing website contains information about the housing assignment process, our three residence areas, room decorating tips, a packing list and links to the various vendors who sell items to enhance your room. Most importantly, you will find copies of the Residence Area Occupancy Agreement (RAOA) and the New Student Housing Assignment Preference (HAP) Form. The RAOA form indicates that you agree to the financial and behavioral responsibilities involved with living on campus. The HAP form allows you to specify your preferred residence area, room type and roommate. FRESHMEN LIVING IN HOOSAC HALL WILL BE ABLE TO SELECT ONE FLOORMATE.

Both the HAP and RAOA forms are due to RPS no later than July 29th. If you return your forms by the due date, you will receive your housing assignment and other important information about the check-in process by Friday, August 7th. When your assignment is posted on-line, we will also provide information about the move-in process, your MCLA PO box and your personal telephone extension. 

May I choose where I want to live? May I choose my roommate?

The Housing Assignment Preference (HAP) Form provides the option of identifying a specific roommate. We do our best to accommodate these requests. Assignments are made by enrollment deposit date order. You can increase the chance of receiving your ideal housing assignment by submitting your enrollment deposit as early as possible and, if you are trying to live with a specific floormate, by making sure you and your selected floormate request each other on your Housing Assignment Preference Forms and that you both submit your paperwork by the deadline. AGAIN, ALL STUDENTS WILL LIVE IN PRIVATE ROOMS THIS FALL.

What happens when I arrive in the fall?

Check-in for new students takes place at the front desk of the residence area to which you are assigned. At check-in, you will receive the key to your bedroom. You will also receive your MCLA ID. In Berkshire Towers and Hoosac Hall, your ID provides access to the front door of the building. In the Flagg Townhouse Apartment Complex, you will receive a second key that opens your apartment door. Immediately following the check-in process, all new students participate in the Welcome Week program. You will receive additional information about Welcome Week at a later date.

What will I find in my room when I arrive?

Each student room contains a bed with an extra-long mattress (36" x 80"), dresser, desk with desk chair, bookcase or bookshelf and closet per occupant. All bed frames on campus are adjustable to varying heights. (DESIGN SINGLES HAVE ONE SET OF FURNITURE IN THEM. DESIGN DOUBLES HAVE TWO SETS.) In Hoosac Hall and Berkshire Towers, each student room also comes equipped with a complimentary MicroFridge, a multipliance that combines a microwave and refrigerator. (Stand-alone microwaves are not allowed in Berkshire Towers or Hoosac Hall.) While each room contains overhead lighting, students are strongly encouraged to bring an LED desk and/or floor lamp. All windows in student rooms are equipped with shades. All residence area bedrooms have tile floors. You are welcome to bring your own throw rug or area carpet.

We strongly encourage you to purchase renter's insurance (or check whether you are covered by your parents' insurance policies while residing at school) so you are protected if you suffer any losses to your personal property while at school. The College is not liable for the loss of or damage to personal property by fire, theft or any other cause including the failure or interrruption of utilities such as heating, water and electricity.

How can I decorate my room?

Read From Dorm Room to Your Home Away from Home: A Packing & Decorating Guide for MCLA Resident Students. This publication contains a helpful packing list with items you should definitely bring with you when you come to campus (and a few things you should definitely leave at home!). It also contains floor and window dimensions and ideas on how to make your room into your home during the year to come. U.L.-listed coffee pots, Keurigs and hot pots with a safety "shut off" mechanism are the only cooking appliances allowed in Berkshire Towers and Hoosac Hall. Other types of cooking appliances may be used in the kitchen area of the Townhouses. Many students bring a television, music, wall decorations and other small items for their room.

Residential Programs & Services (RPS) partners with Residence Hall Linens. This vendor sells extra-long bed linens and other useful room accessories. 

Are there quiet hours in the residence areas?

There are both quiet hours and courtesy hours. Quiet hours begin at 11:00 p.m. on weeknights and 12:00 midnight on weekends. They end at 9:00 am the following morning. Courtesy hours are in effect 24-hours a day. Students are expected to keep noise levels to a minimum at all times in order to ensure the most conducive atmosphere for studying and sleeping.

What services are available in the residence areas?

Every room on campus is capable of using MCLA’s SIP phone service. If you would like a phone, please contact MCLA Computer Support Service HelpDesk to request one – they can be set up to use your personal phone extension. These phones provide unlimited local calling access and voicemail.  You may use a calling card or cell phone to access long distance service from your room. 

All three residence areas have WiFI. Each room is also equipped with a hard-wired computer port per student. The exact hardware and software requirements to access this service is available in the Computer Help Desk section of the MCLA website.

All resident students have access to Philo streaming television service and HBO/CinemaxGo. You can access this service on your laptop, tablet and phone. You can also access this service on a TV if it is a Roku TV or if you add a Roku device to your TV. Philo is available to you while you are on campus. HBO/Cinemax Go is available to you wherever you go.

Each residence area has a laundry room. We are happy to announce that MCLA will have a free laundry program starting this fall. Food vending machines are located in each residence area. With your ID card, you can borrow a vacuum cleaner, DVD player, iron & ironing board, recreation equipment or board games at the front desk in your assigned residence area.

May I bring my car to school?

RPS NO LONGER MANAGES THE PARKING PERMIT DISTRIBUTION PROCESS. YOU WILL RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS YEAR'S PROCESS BY E-MAIL IN EARLY AUGUST. Resident students are eligible to apply for an on-campus parking permit. The cost of a resident student parking permit is $100 per semester. Some returning students receive their parking permits through the spring housing assignment process. All other resident students participate in a parking permit distribution process which takes place during the first week of each semester. Students awarded a parking permit must register their vehicles with the Department of Public Safety. Students who do not receive a parking permit through this process are placed on a waiting list and notified if a permit becomes available.

How can I get around if I don't have a car?

MCLA runs a free shuttle service to local stores, the nearby mall, movie theatres, the local bus depot and other local attractions. The shuttle service is managed by Public Safety. The shuttle service schedule is available on the Public Safety and RPS web pages. RPS also runs a series of bus trips to the Boston area on Columbus Day weekend, Thanksgiving Recess and Spring Recess. DECISIONS ARE STILL BEING MADE ABOUT THE SHUTTLE SERVICE AND BOSTON BUS TRIPS FOR THIS COMING FALL.

May my friend visit me and stay overnight?

FOR THE FALL OF 2020, GUESTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE RESIDENCE AREAS. THIS INCLUDES DAY VISITORS AND OVERNIGHT GUESTS. RESIDENT STUDENTS WILL ALSO NOT BE ABLE TO VISIT STUDENTS IN OTHER RESIDENCE AREAS. Overnight guests must be 18 years of age or older. With prior permission from your roommate and the residence area staff, a student may apply for an overnight guest pass. Overnight guests are limited to a two-night stay within any seven day period. (Overnight guests between the ages of 16 and 18 are allowed guest privileges under special circumstances. Please see your Residence Director for more information.) 

What does my meal plan provide?

The College dining facility, the Centennial Room, offers a wide variety of menu choices including pizza, a pasta bar, hot entrees, grilled foods, international favorites, vegetarian dishes, a salad bar and more.

Students with an on-campus residency requirement must participate in the College-designated meal plan called the Every Meal Plan. Seniors living on campus (without a residency requirement) must participate in the Senior Meal Plan.

Are the residence areas safe?

Residence area policies and residence area staff serve to maximize safety in each of the residence areas. Locked main doors and main area desk staff in our two residence halls, Berkshire Towers and Hoosac Hall, assure that only residents and their visitors are able to enter. The residence areas also have state-of-the-art fire alarm and sprinkler systems with a direct connection to the local fire department.

The College's Public Safety department is staffed by full-time police officers and dispatchers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon request, Public Safety officers will escort students around campus and the surrounding vicinity. If an emergency need does arise, MCLA is conveniently located two miles from the local hospital and one mile from the fire station.

Ultimately, your personal safety and the security of your belongings is up to you. Remember to lock your room, to refrain from letting strangers into your residence area and to always use common sense when walking both on- and off-campus.