ALANA Clubs and Organizations

Four clubs and organizations assist the ALANA and International Student Programs and Services Department with its mission of education and understanding cultures. These clubs are student run and are assisted by the ALANA and International Student Programs and Services Coordinator. Club membership is open to all students and everyone is encouraged and invited to participate in events and meetings held throughout the year. Please visit the Student Government Association Office or the Multicultural Center, both located on the third floor of the Campus Center with any questions.

Some "signature events" coordinated by these clubs include: Poetic Cypha, Fall & Spring Explosion, Black History Month Awareness, MLK Celebration, Guest Speakers, Musical Performers, The Apollo, African Fashion Show & International Fair, Dodgeball Fundraising Tournament, UMOJA Week, Holiday Celebrations, Cultural Potluck Dinners, educational programs, Talent/Variety Show, Gospel Fest, Roller-skating Party, Latin Dance Nights, Movie Nights and much more.

The Black Student Union: Established in the Spring of 1993 as the African American Studies Club and renamed the Black Student Union in the Spring of 2009, this organization strives to give African-Americans and others a better understanding of each other, a sense of belonging and a coordinated voice on campus. The group provides an opportunity to learn together, exchange views and ideas, and develop an appreciation of African-American history.

Asian Club: Provides the College community with a resource to learn about the Asian cultures. Members will be provided with an experience that will help develop their leadership qualities and other attributes that will be beneficial to themselves, the club and the College community at large.

Latin American Society: The Latin American Society provides a social and educational setting for students interested in Latin American cultures and expending their knowledge to promote diversity through education. Membership is open to all students.

Multicultural Student Society: This organization strives to provide an opportunity for students to enhance their cultural experience while sharing their own ideas and cultural heritage with others. Some of the goals are to help to develop academic and social programs that intensify cultural awareness in our campus community and to actively recruit interested students and faculty.