All Gender Restrooms

All gender restrooms are facilities inclusive of all gender identities and are not defined by any specific binary indicated with either “men” or “women” on the door. All-gender restrooms create a safe and non-hostile environment for students, faculty, staff, or guests of the institution who identify as transgender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, or anywhere else on the gender spectrum. MCLA affirms the rights of all members of the community to use the restroom that best fits their gender identity or expression, whether it be a gender-specific or all-gender restroom.

Based on MCLA’s commitment to promote a supportive and inclusive community, we have completed an initial project this summer to expand the number of all gender restrooms available on campus.  We are pleased to tell you that there is at least one all gender restroom in every campus building.  All gender restrooms can be found in the following locations:

Amsler Campus Center

  • lower level across from Athletic Training
  • 3rd floor across from the Women’s Center



  • All floors have an all gender restroom


Church Street Center

  • lower level near the Social Hall
  • 1st floor classroom area (not wheelchair accessible)


Eldridge Hall

  • Main Floor
  • 3rd Floor


Feigenbaum CSI  

  • All floors have at least one all gender restroom


Freel Library

  • 3rd Floor


Mark Hopkins

  • Main Floor


Murdock Hall

  • All floors have an all gender restroom


Smith House (Admissions)

  • Both floors have an all gender restroom


Venable Hall

  • Main Floor (not wheelchair accessible)
  • By the theater, side corridor


87 Blackington (President’s Office)

  • Main floor has 2 all gender restrooms