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Preferred Name/Pronouns—Banner Self-Service Process

MCLA recognizes that many students, faculty and staff prefer to use names and/or pronouns other than their legal ones to identify themselves, and should be able to do so where possible. For this reason, work was completed this summer to expand the Preferred Name Request Form to include preferred pronouns and to make it easier to complete and submit this form. You may now submit the Preferred First Name/Pronoun Request Form by simply logging into Self-Service Banner with your credentials, clicking the “Personal Information” link, then clicking the link to the form (it is flagged)  and completing the form.

Student preferred first name and/or pronouns will be used in place of legal name and/or pronouns on class rosters. Faculty and staff will see these preferred first name and/or pronouns when using the following:


Advisee listingMid-term evaluations
Class rostersFinal grad submission
Electronic directoryStudent Transcript search page*
Housing rosters*(NOT the transcript itself)


To change your name on your college ID, please take a copy of the email confirmation of your request to Public Safety, which will issue a new ID reflecting your preferred name. This confirmation will take a day or two.

Please note that your preferred name and/or pronouns are used solely in MCLA’s internal systems. Official college correspondence will use your legal name. Official transcripts, financial aid application and award documents, enrollment verifications, third party database systems, and other databases used at MCLA, will continue to require use of your legal name. You will be able to select whether or not you would like your preferred name and/or pronouns to be used in external communications such as the Dean’s List, nominations for honor societies, College publicity, etc.

Questions?  Contact Student Affairs at (413) 662– 5231.

Many thanks to the students who raised concerns about proper use of pronouns and asked us to address this issue!