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Public Safety officers photo

Meet the Department of Public Safety Personnel


Daniel ColonnoChief of Police
Daniel Colonno

Peter UrbanowiczSergeant
Peter Urbanowicz

Andrew MontsSergeant
Andrew Monts

Justin BiasinSergeant
Justin Biasin

Joshua ThomasOfficer
Joshua Thomas

Gary Van BramerOfficer
Gary Van Bramer

Michael CogswellOfficer
Michael Cogswell

Chris LampiasiOfficer
Chris Lampiasi

Sam HungateOfficer
Sam Hungate

Bob HorneOfficer
Bob Horne

Mark DenaultOfficer
Mark Denault

Robert KrzanikOfficer
Robert Krzanik

Janice DzbenskiOffice Manager
Janice Dzbenski

Rosetta ShermanDispatcher
Rosetta Sherman

Christy LemoineDispatcher
Christy Lemoine

Sierra HollandDispatcher
Sierra Holland

Kahlil PaulDispatcher
Khalil Paul

Ryan FrazerDispatcher
Ryan Frazer



Mike and Gary


Officers in the quad



Dan at Public Safety BBQ



Officer Lefebvre