Leadership, Education, Action, Development (L.E.A.D.) Academy

LEAD was one of the most inspirational experiences I ever had. I learned how to be part of my school community and how to be a good community leader.

Monique Symes, '11  

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LEAD Academy is a five-day program in August that prepares 30-34 incoming students to excel at MCLA, and to distinguish themselves as leaders both on campus and through community service. LEAD participants get a jump start on their MCLA careers, make friends with their peers, student leaders, and staff, and become familiar with the campus and Berkshire region. MCLA covers the majority of the costs, and participants are asked to pay a reduced rate that covers housing, food, and activity fees.

LEAD typically runs the first week of August.

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To learn more, contact Spencer Moser, 413.662.5251.

Community Service: Civic engagement and community service are integral to a liberal arts education. By participating in various service programs, LEAD students gain an understanding of local organizations that help build and maintain the strong communities essential to a civil, democratic society. Trips to service sites also helps orient students to their new home. Sites include Louison House, Berkshire Food Project and the local YMCA.

LEAD Workshops: LEAD Academy student facilitators design and conduct a range of workshops to give incoming freshmen the tools they need to succeed. Workshop topics include time management, community living, effective group work, academic success, leadership training, goal setting, and community service.

Team Building: Team activities foster a feeling of community among LEAD participants, help build strong friendships, and provide skills in group dynamics and effective leadership. Activities include icebreakers, team scavenger hunts, group meals, ropes courses, exploration of leadership styles, and guided reflections on activities.

Become a LEAD Staff Member

Who better to coach incoming freshmen on being a successful, involved student than current students who have done it themselves? Part of what makes LEAD Academy an exciting program is that student leaders help to design and run it. Being a LEAD staff member is a great way to help build a strong MCLA community and to mentor future MCLA leaders.

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Questions? Contact Spencer Moser, 413.662.5251.