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Clubs and Organizations

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Looking to learn more about MCLA's Clubs and Organizations? Visit the Student Government Association Office located in the Campus Center Room 316 to find out more about the 51 opportunities to get involved. The office is open Monday - Friday from 8:30 am - 4:45 pm. During the academic year, the office is open nights and weekends (posted hours TBD). Email or call 413-662-5401 to speak to a representative about the many engaging experiences we have to offer. Student Government Association sponsors many of our clubs and organizations.

Here are the current clubs and organizations recognized by SGA:

African Student Association
The purpose of ASA is to educate by expressing and sharing African history, ideas, beliefs and concerns to the MCLA campus and community. Most importantly, the club seeks to educate about the misconceptions and history of Africa as a whole and as individual countries.

Aikido Club FB
Anyone interested in a well structured conditioning program will benefit from the physical training and practice of coordinating the mind and body by participating in organized Aikido. The club will supply physical training, understanding of the art, and teamwork.

Allegrettos FB TW IG youtube 
This club's purpose is to challenge its members in all aspects of vocal and visual performances that are both stimulating and entertaining. It also enriches the community with varying genres of music which provides a sense of other musical cultures and participates in various community service activities.

American Sign Language FB 
This club provides an opportunity for the community to learn about the Deaf and deaf culture. The objective is for members to learn American Sign Language to help improve their signing, create an awareness, and educate people on the difference between the two worlds and how they intertwine. 

Anime Club FB 
The Anime Club aims to create a better understanding of Japanese art and culture through the mediums of Japanese animation (Anime), and comics (Manga) and through discussing the deeper themes embedded within. Members of the Anime Club also explore many aspects of Anime/Manga subculture, what is also known as being Otaku, a fan who is very involved within the subculture. 

Arts Management Club FB
The purpose of the Arts Management Club is to provide its members with real world opportunities and experience in the Arts Management world by taking the tools learned in the classroom and applying them to on campus events. Members will work closely with mentors int he Arts Management department, as well as making connections with local outside organizations and the fellow community. 

Asian & American Union FB 
Provides the college community with a resource to learn about the Asian cultures. Members will be provided with an experience that will help develop their leadership qualities and other attributes that will be beneficial to themselves, the club, and the college community at large. 

Association for Neurodivergent Awareness
The purpose of ANA is to connect students around campus that feel strongly about mental health awareness. Events will be held around the campus to raise awareness and educate the campus community about mental health, the stigma it carries, and how to seek relief. 

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African Student Association Presents:
Afro Dance with Marg

Venable Dance Complex

Aikido Club
Berkshire Hills Aikido 
Great Barrington, MA

Allegrettos Spring Concert
Church Street Center Auditorium