Financial Resources

Budget Process:


 Monetary Procedures

Once recognized by SGA, clubs and organizations are eligible to request monies through the SGA Treasurer. Funding allows members to enhance their club or organization in many ways. They may use the money to attend a conference, bring in a speaker, purchase items, or have food at their meetings. New clubs will not have access to a budget until they have been active for at least one year. Should a new club need financial assistance, they may seek the support of other clubs or approach the SGA Treasurer for funds, who will then present the request to the Senate.

The amount of funding an existing club or organization receives is determined by the SGA in the Spring of each year. Once funds are distributed, clubs and organizations are responsible for maintaining their budget and any expenses/paper work that that needs to be processed. It is the responsibility of the SGA treasurer to assist any club or organization that may need help with this process.


The more active a club or organization, the more funding the are likely to receive. Money appropriated to clubs and organizations is based upon the following criteria:

1. Club Membership/Participation
The number of consistent members a club has as well as the number of active nonmembers who participate in the activities of a club will be taken into consideration when funds are distributed. For example, clubs and organizations such as the Student Activities Council (SAC), the Beacon and WJJW receive larger amounts of funding because they serve a larger number of students.

2. Club Activity
Clubs that are active on campus, sponsor major campus events and hold sufficient and consistent meetings to organize and plan those events will receive more funding than those that do not. The number of activities and events a club holds per semester will heavily weigh in how much
funding that particular club receives, which is why it is critical that they keep the Coordinating Vice President informed of all their events. Past performance also plays greatly in how much money a club or organization will receive.

3. Adhering to Constitutional Provisions
All clubs and organizations will be accountable to both their individual constitution and SGA’s. Those clubs and organizations that do not follow the constitutions or guidelines may have their budgets frozen.

4. Maintaining Communication
Clubs and organizations that maintain an open line of communication between their club and the SGA will fare best in regards to funding. Since SGA is responsible for distributing funds, it is critical that they are kept aware of all activities. Meeting minutes, copies of event advertisements and any other relevant information should be given to the Coordinating Vice President’s mailbox.


Budget Procedure

Budget requests must be submitted to the SGA Treasurer during budget time (clubs and organizations will be notified of this date in advance) or SGA will not take the club or organization’s request for funding into consideration. Any club or organization which receives funding may not have a separate bank account at any bank: all funds must be kept within the College system. Immediate disciplinary action will follow should any club or organization be found holding a separate bank account.

If clubs or organizations are interested in charging membership fees or collecting dues from its members, it must first receive permission from the student senate. If permission is granted, clubs and organizations may collect a sum of no more than five dollars per year from each student member.
In addition, clubs and organizations may not charge any other club or organization for its services without the written permission of the Executive Cabinet and the majority vote of the student senate.

All capital goods purchased with SGA funds become the property of the SGA and cannot be disposed of without Senate approval. The SGA will not fund any club or organization for equipment that will be used for academic department activity.

Any misuse of the club or organization’s funds or illegal spending will result in an investigation by the student senate. SGA reserves the right to conduct spot checks at any event sponsored by a club or organization to ensure that financial transactions are being properly managed.


Expense Procedures:


Purchase Orders

To request money for supplies, food or any other need your club or organization may have, Purchase Orders must be filled out and submitted to the SGA Office Manager at least three weeks in advance. Last minute requests will not be processed unless considered an emergency. Budget line information may be obtained through the SGA Office Manager.

Under no circumstances should members of a club or organization use their own money for any purchases without prior permission from the SGA Office Manager or the SGA Advisor. Reimbursements will not be allowed, unless prior permission has been granted. Should a club member use their own money, a refund will not be issued.*

When filling out Purchase Orders, the following items must be kept in mind:

a. Any purchase of more than $2000.00 must be sent out to bid by either three phone bids or three submitted written bids. These bids are processed through the Treasurer’s Office. Since the bidding process may be time consuming, it is recommended that four weeks are allowed.

b. Anyone making purchases without authorized approval through Purchase Orders, will assume personal financial liability for those purchases. SGA will not be held responsible or reimburse the individuals who do so, unless, prior approval from the SGA Office Manager or the SGA advisor has been obtained.

c. Each Purchase Order must have a receipt in order to be paid. Anyone who does not submit a receipt will assume full financial responsibility. After the event or purchase, receipts should be turned into the SGA Office Manager.


Contract for Services

Anytime there is someone providing a service to the club or organization, (speakers, performers, referees, trainers, etc.) a Contract for Services Agreement must be filled out with the appropriate signatures. If presenting the check to the service provider on the day of service, it is critical that these forms are processed at least three weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so may mean that performers will not receive their payment.


Credit Card

The SGA college credit card may be signed out by all SGA affiliated clubs that have received funding for the current academic year in the SGA Office CC316 for basic purchases.


Walmart Card

The SGA Walmart card may be signed out by all SGA affiliated clubs that have received funding for the current academic year in the SGA Office CC316 for basic purchases.


Gift Cards/ Prizes

When giving out gift cards or other prizes, clubs must always turn in a Prize Winner Form.



Clubs/organizations are allowed to donate up to $150.00 to co-sponsor an individualized (not open to entire MCLA community) event or program from one MCLA club/organization to another MCLA club/organization or department.

Clubs/Organizations can donate unlimited funds to co-sponsor an event or program that is open to all MCLA community members.

Clubs/organizations are allowed to donate total fundraised amounts to any club/organization or department. This essentially means that a club may fundraise for another club/organization or department.

Clubs/organizations are allowed to donate/purchase items up to $50.00 of club money (from their budget) to co-sponsor an individualized (not open to entire MCLA community) event or program. Funds can be transferred from one club to any club/organization or department.

Gifts: Clubs are allowed to purchase gifts, gift cards, etc. but may not exceed $50.00 to recognize someone who has gone above and beyond to help the club advance or succeed.



Clubs may Co-Sponsor with any other club, department, or SGA Senate. SGA only asks that clubs fill out one of the forms below:

Club to Club or Club to Department Co-Sponsor Form

SGA Co-Sponsorship Form

Travel Procedures:


Travel Forms

Clubs must fill out and turn in all forms listed below at least 3 (three) weeks prior to the travel date for approval.

Travel Requisition Form

Student Travel Form

Itinerary (Example/ Template)


Van Reservations

To request an MCLA van you must contact Amanda Schuler in CC316 in person or by email stating the date, time frame, and location of where you are going. Certified MCLA van drivers if known are also needed at that time.

Car Rentals

If an MCLA van is not available for the dates/ times a club wishes to travel and there are no other dates that the trip can be changed to; a rental car can be requested through Amanda Schuler in CC316.

The driver must be at least 21 years old and supply a copy of their drivers license.

The largest vehicle that can be rented is a 12 passenger that requires someone at least 25 years of age to operate and no one under the age of 18 is allowed to travel in this vehicle per Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

*Clubs must note that they are responsible for paying out of their club budget for the car rental.


Hotel Reservations

Overnight travel must be approved prior to looking into hotel options. Once approved reservations can be made through the SGA Office Manager.



Deposit Procedures:



Any club or organization wishing to hold a fundraiser must receive permission prior to the event. The Fundraising Activity Application must be filled out and turned in to Student Development CC310 for approval at least 2 (two) weeks prior to the event date.

Fundraising includes, but is not limited to, the sale of t-shirts and other articles of clothing, glasses, cups, flowers, food items, as well as raffle tickets.

Clubs will receive a confirmation email prior to the event date approving or denying their request and next steps.

All fundraising revenue must be submitted to the SGA Office Manager, Room 316 of the Campus Center for deposit into your club account.


Petty Cash