MCLA Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA), through its clubs, organizations, and committees, offers the MCLA community a wide variety of activities and programs to fulfill educational goals. These student-managed organizations let you express yourself in a professional and social environment, both on campus and in the broader North Adams community. 

The SGA consists of Student Senators, an Executive Cabinet (President, Vice-President, Coordinating Vice-President, and Student Trustee), and Class Officers, all of whom you elect to represent student needs. 

In addition to being class representatives, Class Officers plan class events and fundraising activities to supplement student fees and programs, and to provide a class gift to the college. See your student representatives.


Elections are announced and conducted annually. To nominate a candidate for either senator or class officer, stop by the Student Government Office, Amsler Campus Center Room 316, to get a nomination form.

The Student Government Association has been active on our campus for over 100 hundred years, performing vital work for the MCLA community and offering valuable experience in student governance. Each student pays an activities fee of $300 ($150 per semester) and is budgeted by SGA, which administers the Student Activities Trust Fund for all recognized clubs, organizations, and other student-centered activities.

One of the annual events SGA hosts is the Sam Gomez Classic Road Race.